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Little Known Leap Year Facts

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Leap Day

The Need for a Leap Year
Leap Year is a fascinating phenomenon in its own right. Leap Year was more or less created in order to avoid discrepancies between the solar year and the common calendar year. The Earth technically doesn't take 365 days to revolve around the sun. It actually takes around 365 days and an extra quarter of a day for the Earth to completely revolve around the sun. A quarter of a day is too small of a remainder to just drop, and it adds up to a full extra day every four years. That extra day becomes Leap Day.

The Culture of Leap Day

Leap Day has inspired a lot of traditions over the years. People have attached all sorts of significance to this quirk of calendar synchronization. In particular, people who have been born on Leap Day have a tendency to attract some attention on that basis alone. For instance, astrologers believe that people who have February 29th as a birthday will have talents as unusual as their birthdays. Some people who were born on Leap Day try to live up to that reputation. Lord Byron himself was born on Leap Day, and he is only one of many historical figures who can claim this unique birthday.

Leap Year has inspired additional superstitions, jokes, and complaints over the years. In Greece, for instance, it is widely but not universally believed that getting married during a Leap Year is bad luck. Some people with a Leap Year birthday, who are formally known as 'leapers' or 'leaplings,' like to joke about being much younger than they are, as if having a formal birthday every four years means only aging every four years. The idea that leaplings have an extended lifespan is good for a laugh or two, and it gives leaplings a built-in excuse to lie about their ages. Salaried employees who have fixed annual wages often complain about Leap Day, since they are essentially working for free. Leap Day 2016 is also going to occur on a Monday, to add insult to injury.

However, lots of people believe that Leap Day is a time for celebration, regardless of whether they are 'leapers' themselves or if they know any leaplings. Some people like to hold parties on Leap Day. However, it can be difficult to create a lot of formal traditions for a holiday that is only going to occur once every four years. As such, many people are going to end up creating their own.

Vapers should try to seize Leap Day as an opportunity to create new traditions within their own subculture. Highbrow Vapor has loads of flavors. Vapers should celebrate Leap Day with certain obscure e-juice flavors, for instance, as a way of making the day their own and as a way of claiming it for people in the vaping subculture. Some vapers might want to try totally new flavors every Leap Day, which is certainly something that is possible, given all of the flavors at Highbrow Vapor. Leap Day is just famous enough, but it isn't sacred.


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