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Grab the Groundhog


Groundhog Day is the sort of tongue-in-cheek holiday that has inspired a great deal of sentimentality over the years. Most people don't take it especially seriously, but they still manage to have a lot of fun with it. Essentially, on Groundhog Day, the groundhog of Punxsutawney is brought out to make a forecast regarding whether or not people can expect an early spring. If he sees his shadow, according to the local legend, people can expect another six weeks of winter. If he does not see his shadow, the people of the United States can expect a relatively early spring. Naturally, spring isn't going to come early enough for a lot of people, but the groundhog can still offer them some hope.

The Groundhog Day Tradition

When many people refer to Groundhog Day, they are probably talking about the classic 1993 film starring Bill Murray, which has managed to promote the holiday and overshadow it at the same time. This film does portray the Groundhog Day tradition accurately, right down to the way that it captures the enthusiasm that the people of Punxsutawney tend to feel towards the holiday that helped put them on the map in the first place. The groundhog is really called Punxsutawney Phil, and he does allegedly read out his prediction in the language 'Groundhogese.' The creators of the film did not make up all these parts of the folklore.

Groundhog Day traces its roots to the nineteenth century. However, the legend that inspired the modern version of the holiday goes back even further than that. The original German settlers who came to Pennsylvania-based this legend on some of their own folklore. Theirs was the legend of Candlemas Day, and it also involved predicting when spring would arrive based on how sunny it was in winter. Given the high population of groundhogs at the time and the perception that they were relatively intelligent, they became associated with the legend of Candlemas Day. The idea that groundhogs are wise carries on, since groundhogs are the forecasters in today's Groundhog Day celebration.

Naturally, some people are very disappointed to hear about Punxsutawney Phil predicting that there will, in fact, be six more weeks of winter. Many of these people are going to be the sorts of individuals who enjoy the types of outdoor activities that can really only be enjoyed during the spring or the summer, which will never last long enough for them.

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