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This Valentines Day, Go Smoke Free for Romance

Let’s be honest—smoking can cause huge romantic barriers in a relationship, especially if one of the lovers is a non-smoker. Few people, even smokers, find the side effects of traditional tobacco alluring—stinky clothes, stained teeth and stale, smoky breath. And nonsmokers are even more finicky. If you don’t want the taste of cigarette smoke in your own mouth, why would you kiss somebody with it in theirs? Add to that the musty-smelling clothing and hair, yellow teeth, and the constant interruptions while you step outside for a smoke…it can be a real intimacy killer. Not to mention more serious concerns, like losing a loved one to cigarette-related cancers.

This Valentine’s day, why not show your love by going smoke-free with Highbrow Vapor e-cigarettes? There’s nothing more romantic than making a huge sacrifice for the one you love, and the secret is…you’re not really sacrificing anything! You’ll still enjoy that sweet nicotine hit, but with e-cigarettes you can enjoy it anywhere, without any smelly or scary side-affects. It’s a win-win.
For those of you in a relationship where both parties smoke, why not quit together? What a romantic and exciting endeavor, to change both your lives for the better, while still enjoying your daily “smoke breaks,” but now with a whole world of tantalizing flavors at your fingertips! Literally!

And if you’re single…well, think of vaping as another way to open up the dating field. Now when that hot young guy or girl asks if you are a smoker, you can confidently say, “No.” Just tell them you’re a vaper! Leave the lighters and matches out of it, so that real sparks can fly.

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