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3 Unexpected Reasons to Switch to E-Cigs

 We’re sure you know by now that vaping is a much smoother way to soothe your nicotine cravings, that you’ll smell better, reduce your contribution to litter and landfills, and enjoy a wide variety of delectable flavors. But there’s even more to love about E-Cigarettes! Here are three benefits you might not have considered:

3 – Where There’s No Smoke, There’s No Fire
Oh, the anguish of realizing—after you’ve already put on your jacket and hat, laced up your shoes, and trotted out of your apartment building—that you have no lighter. Or matches. You have the cigarettes! You have the nicotine right there in your hand! But without a flame to spark your tobacco, your smoke break is a no-go. Avoid this bummer by switching to E-Cigarettes. No smoke means no need for a lighter or matches, so you’re always good to go.

2 – Choose the Buzz that Suits You Best
Unlike regular cigarettes, which have a factory-guaranteed, uniform amount of tobacco (and therefore nicotine) in each stick, E-Cigarettes are fueled by liquid nicotine, which means you can change the potency to suit your mood, your habits, and your needs. You can choose nicotine cartridges in a range of strengths comparable to standard cigarettes—including light and ultralight.

1 – Join the Club
If you’re the first of your friends of coworkers to make the shift from smoking to vaping, then you might feel like the odd man out. But you’re not alone! E-Cigs are gaining popularity and media attention all the time, even being used in Hollywood films. Johnny Depp represented the vapor revolution in “The Tourist,” and “Grey’s Anatomy” starlette Katherine Heigl did an impromptu vaping demo on David Letterman’s show, explaining to the audience how E-Cigs work and even sharing one with the famed talk-show host. So be proud to be part of the avant garde new way to enjoy nicotine.

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