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What Does it Mean to be Eco Friendly?

We can’t all drive a Prius. We can’t all compost—especially those of us without backyards! We don’t all have the luxury of buying all organic, all the time, either.

BUT you can make a difference for the environment, and for yourself, by switching to smokeless electronic cigarettes.
E-cigarettes, by their very nature, leave a much lighter carbon footprint on our precious planet than their combustible counterparts. They are designed to be reusable and last a long time, changing only the juice cartridges—and even those don’t need to be changed each time. This all translates into much less waste going into landfills and a greatly reduced amount of cigarette butts littering our highways, walkways, and community spaces.

Cigarette butts pose a risk to wildlife, taking quite a while to biodegrade. What’s more, as they decompose, so do all of the harmful, yucky chemicals associated with traditional cigarettes. That means more toxins leaching into our soil and waterways. With e-cigarettes, you avoid any of these nasty chemicals in the first place while changing your life to appreciate a non-disposable form of tobacco enjoyment.

And besides saving our water and land, you’re saving the air we all breath, as well! With e-cigarettes, you’re not polluting the air around you that your friends, family, and coworkers must also breath, and though it may seem small, you’re doing that much less to release smoke into the atmosphere, while keeping it out of your own lungs. Everybody breathes easier when you make the choice to vape instead of smoke.

And with so many flavors to choose from, what’s not to love about cig juice? It’s good for you and better for the planet. E-cigarettes are the perfect way to keep doing what you love, only better.

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