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Back to Basics - Highbrowbacco

So you’re interested in trying e-cigarettes, trading in your smelly, smoky, outdoors-only packs for a more refined, welcoming vapor experience. We think that’s great!

But for all the compelling reasons to make the switch—no more musty stale smoke smell, no more stepping outside no matter what the weather—one thing holds you back: the flavor issue. Of course, here at Highbrow Vapor, we’re proud as parents of our variety of distinct and exotic flavors—inspired by everything from desserts to drinks to fresh fruit, you name it!

But we understand that fancy flavors aren’t for everyone. So maybe you’ve decided to give your smoke-torn lungs a break, but your palate still craves the same ol’ simple tobacco flavors that you’ve known and loved for years. Well, never fear, because we’ve got you covered.

Our Highbrowbacco line of custom e-cigarette flavors is specifically formulated for the classic tobacco fan. One great flavor that we recommend is our “Cigar,” which strives to capture the seemingly limitless taste nuances associated with smoking cigars. It’s a rich, powerful and bold blend of earthy cocoa, pepper and spice that aficionados will recognize as reminiscent of a drier light leafed Claro wrapper cigar.  
For all you pipe puffers out there, we recommend French Pipe, our take on golden flue-cured and black Danish pipe tobacco, designed for decadence and distinction. This aromatic Cavendish flavor is sweet, with subtle hints of cherry and vanilla.

And for the faithful fans of must-have menthol, we’ve created a warm-yet-crisp Menthol flavor that’s such a successful stand-in for its standard cigarette counterpart that you’ll never know the difference. We take our Exotic Blend Tobacco flavor—a medium body with a smooth toasted taste—and add crushed menthol crystals. You can even customize your blend for a light, medium, or strong menthol mix.

So don’t let our fancy (and fantastic!) flavors turn you off of vaping, because we’ve got simple, straightforward, sweet tobacco blends designed to get you back to basics, but with a modern vapor twist.

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