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January is National Hobby Month

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All around the world, people have adopted some hobbies that might surprise you. In the case of some of these hobbies, the people who are trying them are probably going to be trendsetters who will be viewed as normal retroactively. Their hobbies will eventually become broad cultural pastimes. Some of these hobbies are always going to be viewed as niche activities. However, these hobbies all mean a lot to the people who are practicing them.

Ant colony art

This activity involves pouring molten metal down ant holes so the metal fills all of the various tunnels in the colony. When the metal hardens, it creates a strange but compelling piece that could be used as a sculpture. These sculptures serve as models for what ant colonies look like while also having an interesting asymmetry and shape in their own right.

Collecting cigar bands

The bands of cigars have a lot of interesting history behind them that is tied up in America's complicated relationship with Cuba, the Cold War, and the changing state of the tobacco industry in the world. Lots of cigar bands are surprisingly decorative, and many of them make interesting historical artifacts. They're also easy to store, so it isn't surprising that cigar bands have become popular collection items.

Duct tape construction

For some people, duct tape can accomplish anything. There are hobbyists who now enjoying making clothing, shoes, and wallets out of duct tape. Some people are even trying to get away with using duct tape in construction projects where people would traditionally use nails and other fasteners. Duct tape is cheap and plentiful, so its use as a crafting medium is not surprising.

Beetle fighting

Organized matches between animals are often scorned. However, fewer people might object to fights between large Hercules beetles and similar creatures. These beetles are large and aggressive enough to make the fight interesting, but there's still enough of a degree of separation between beetles and humans that these fights remain entertaining for a lot of people.

Decorating old toys

Lots of people get nostalgic for the toys that they enjoyed as kids. Of course, for some people, that nostalgia can lead them down odd directions. They might get interested in modifying used toys, even if they are mint toys. Plenty of people paint them, rearrange their different parts, and otherwise transform old toys into something new.


Cigarette smoking has been mainstream for a long time. Today, people are experimenting with electronic cigarettes. It's possible to get more variety with electronic cigarettes compared to the old-fashioned variety, as many vapers know. They are experimenting with lots of different flavors to create a diverse experience every time they smoke.

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