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All the Fun, None of the Hangover

 Is the bright shining light of another New Year making your temples throb? Does the thought of even one more boozy social hour or friendly get-together turn your stomach? In other words—are you partied out? We hear you. The holidays are a holly, jolly time, a festive frolic through excess and celebration, but thank goodness they’re over! One can only take so much frivolity, frosty brews and flirtatious cocktails without paying the price—headaches, hangovers, and the infamous words “I’m never drinking again.”

Oh, we’ve all said that, haven’t we? And yet…the lure of liquor is too strong to resist sometimes! But never fear! Here at Highbrow Vapor, we’ve crafted some spectacular and superb spirit-inspired juices, so you can enjoy a cold one or a cocktail without destroying your body and your blood sugar.
Our Vanilla Bourbon bean has just the right amount of boozy bliss, coupled with the velvety sweetness of vanilla and a creamy high note. It’s a subtle yet surprisingly smooth flavor.
For a more intense sweet treat, you could try Buttered Rum and Then Some—a buttery, boozy, spicy-sweet blend with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg on top of vanilla and hazelnut. It’s a complex mix of bold flavors that will warm your winter-weary soul and spice up your e-cigs.
Or why not end your day with our relaxing—but not liver taxing!—Amaretto Amore, a classic, bittersweet, liqueur-inspired juice with notes of apricot, almond, and burnt sugar. It’s the perfect nightcap to a smoke-free day, and just like all of our alcohol-inspired creations, it’s a guilt-free way to enjoy life’s little pleasures. You’re already giving your lungs a break with e-cigarettes, so why not let your liver rest, too?

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