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Holiday Letdown: Tis the Season to Enjoy a Good Vape

Unless you're a holiday scrooge or grinch, it's easy to get caught up in the spirit of the season. And once you catch the spirit, you find yourself motivated to get out the boxes-upon-boxes of holiday lights and decorations that you've stored away, motivated to do the things that you were dreading the month before.

Some people start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, but would you believe that some are out there stringing up lights and festive light-up characters before Halloween? Halloween's a bit early to decorate for the December holidays, but we're guessing those folks just want to avoid the cold and who can blame 'em.

Before you know it you've got the entire interior and exterior of your home filled with holiday joy. You're getting out all of your favorite holiday movies – all of the classics and if you don't' have all of your favorites, you're searching in the local stores for the movies you don't have so you can add them to your collection. You're buying hot cocoa, holiday e-liquids, candy canes, eggnog, chocolates, and planning the day when you'll bake holiday cookies with loved ones.

Maybe you're gearing up for some extreme holiday baking so you can hand out goodies to friends and loved ones because homemade goodies are some of the best to give. You're filling out holiday cards to put in the mail and shopping for the perfect gifts. Perhaps you've waited until the last minute to shop, so you've got that extra adrenaline rush when you head on out to your favorite stores (the least favorite this time of year with congested crowds and zoo-like scenarios no matter how early you arrive).

You spend a day or evening out in the cold searching for the perfect tree (unless you prefer artificial) and then cart it home on the roof of your car anxiously waiting to get home and decorate it while listening to holiday music. If you have little ones, maybe you're planning a special visit to see Santa so he can tell your little one(s) to get to bed early on Christmas night or Santa simply can't come. His magic won't work.

If you're a parent, then you'll probably be up well past midnight waiting for the kids to fall asleep so "Santa" can arrive praying they don't hear you when you sneak everything under the tree. Then before you know it, the holiday has arrived. Everyone wakes up excited to see if Santa came. You sit around in your PJ's, your robes, and your snuggliest slippers as everyone opens and exchanges gifts with excitement.

You put on your best and spend the day at home waiting for family and friends to arrive or you head on out to the homes of loved ones. You finish the day with pie, cookies, eggnog and dark chocolate mint e-liquid. And then before you know it it's the day after Christmas. Oh, no...

You wake up with the biggest letdown in your life. You find yourself succumbing to the realization that it's all "over." All of the fun, all of the warm fuzzy feelings that come with the holiday season everywhere you go, and all of the holiday magic is just gone.

But it's not gone for good, you tell yourself, sort of like Santa tells Karen that Frosty's not gone forever. Reminding yourself of this helps you to gradually move on from the letdown... There'll be other holidays, you say. Before you know it, it'll be here again and then you'll be wondering where the year went because it flew by so fast. We do this as humans – it's just human nature and sometimes cyclical.

It'll be back again next year, so in the meantime...sit back, relax and enjoy a good vape. Kick off the end of the season and beginning of a new year with one of Highbrow Vapor's flavorful holiday e-liquids like our holiday eggnog, dark chocolate, hazelnut and dark chocolate mint.

Hold onto that magic just a little bit longer. Enjoy that tree as the needles collect more-and-more each day around your living room floor and you find yourself discovering pine needles in places you'd never imagined or dreamed.

Enjoy the decorations that you likely can't wait to remove at this point, but so eagerly strung up a month or so ago. Keep them up till New Year and then make it a day of putting all of the x-mas decorations away as you begin another year of holidays and memories with friends and family.

Till next year…enjoy and Happy Holidays from Highbrow Vapor!

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