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Jessica Jones - an Adult Superhero Story

Marvel Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones isn't your corner comic book store superhero, and "Marvel's Jessica Jones" isn't the typical based-on-the-novel franchise. Jessica Jones stars Krysten Ritter as the surly and bitingly sarcastic private eye with some fairly convenient superpowers. Even though she's a member of the Marvel Universe, she just wasn't cut out for the big time.

The Netflix-created 13-episode series goes to some deliciously dark places, an upside to producing it out of the network TV realm. The only thing they avoid in the show is using f-bombs. Jessica Jones lives in a New York that might remind the older generations of a seedier New York, and her world includes Killgrave ("Doctor Who's" David Tennant), a man who psychologically abused Jessica and uses mind control to dominate other. As our hero states in the trailer, "Killgrave leaves a trail of broken people behind him."

The origin story...

The series is based on a semi-obscure Marvel title, Alias, which came out in 2001. The story follows a super-strength do-gooder who, after a traumatic experience, becomes a private eye. Back in the day, she was a student at Midtown High alongside Peter Parker. After getting her powers, she kicked it with the likes of Spider-Woman and Carol Danvers (the original Ms. Marvel).

In the series, we find her already in a semi-functioning state of unravel-eternally hungover and sexually compulsive-endlessly preoccupied with Killgrave and the deed he forced upon her. To say she's a little conflicted is a vast understatement.

Meet the mad man

Tennant's Killgrave is as far away from the semi-comedic bad guys of the caped superhero comic book adaptations as you can get. He's exceptionally terrifying, feeding off of the guilt, grief, and obsessions of the people whose minds he infiltrates.

Fans of the TV show, Dexter, may feel compelled to make some connections between the two shows, and for good reason as both are executive produced by Melissa Rosenberg. The first of those connections is the anti-hero qualities in both main characters (hmm, also not unlike another show that featured Ritter as the junkie girlfriend of a high school dropout, come meth mogul). Jessica Jones is edgy, darkly sexy, messed up and constantly in trouble, but there's something in her core that we can't help but find endearing.

And as if there was any way for Ritter to be more of a babe, when asked during Marvel Live! at Comicon what fans should eat while binge-watching the show, Ritter didn't hesitate to say, "Drink, and whiskey."

Well, it is an adult superhero story. Why not pair it with some more refined adult treats. And what goes beautifully with a snifter of whiskey? Our e-liquids in Black Cherry Dulcet, Dark Chocolate or the Highbrowbacco in either Exotic Blend or Clove are what we'd imagine Miss Jones would vape. As for Killgrave, we can't picture him vaping anything but Tabac de Perique.

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