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So You Are a Smoker...

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You’re a smoker. You smoke. It’s nearly 2013, so we’re guessing you know about the horrible health risks and nasty hygiene habits that smoking entails, but you do it anyways. And not just because you’re addicted, no, because there are other ways to get nicotine. You could chew or dip or snort your nicotine fix, but you don’t. You smoke, because you’re a smoker, and because the act of smoking itself is like a small meditation, one that cannot be duplicated without the steady inhale-exhale, the graceful poise of cigarette between your fingers, the grateful release of smoke into the air. It’s an experience that most non-smokers can’t understand, an experience that—despite all the health hazards—you don’t want to give up.

But the risk factor is through the roof, and you are a rational human, so you try to quit. You know it’s time to stop, but you love smoking. Because you are a smoker. So why quite using gums or patches or lozenges? Are you an avid gum chewer? A fanatic sticker collector? A long-time candy consumer? No! Of course not! You. Are. A. Smoker. So quit like a smoker, with e-cigarettes. Quit using the only method that allows you to keep the sacred ritual of smoking, to take a quiet moment to fill your lungs and feel that nicotine buzz before sighing a great relief—of vapor. That’s right, vapor. No more scary, smelly smoke tearing at your lungs and terrorizing your loved ones with nasty stale odors. Our e-cigarettes use water vapor, nicotine, and an amazing array of customizable flavors to keep you happy, and just the way you are: a smoker, someone who wants nothing more than to take life in great gulps, not little bites or sticky patches. So breathe a sigh of relief, and let Highbrow Vapor help you quit in style, like a smoker.

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