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Sugar Spice and Every Cigs Nice

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Cold weather hits, and suddenly there’s a change in the air. More than the holiday music (or muzac, if you’re at the grocery store), more than Halloween then Thanksgiving then Christmas decorations everywhere you turn, suddenly with autumn and then winter comes the strange cultural clamoring for spice. We might as well dub October “National Pumpkin Spice Month” for all the flavored lattes and teas and cookies and cakes that appear—by popular demand—in cafes and restaurants, just as naturally and expectedly as the leaves changing colors on the trees.

We the people love our seasonal flavors, and who can blame us? The world grows steadily more chilly and grey, and we seek to warm ourselves from the inside out with sumptuous, spicy sweet sensory experiences. The taste and scent of warm, exotic flavors like cinnamon and hazelnut combined with the soothing sweet decadence of vanilla and cream is truly an experience worth savoring during these bleak wintry months.

E-cigarettes are certainly no exception to this simple sensual luxury. At Highbrow Vapor, we’ve custom-blended our world-class flavors to create one-of-a-kind cig juice experiences. What could be better on a rainy day than Chai Tea, with its bitter, earthy black tea flavors mellowed by vanilla and enlivened by cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg? Or there’s the Christmas party staple—Eggnog, packing a festive punch with the perfect blend of creaminess and spice. Or why not try the simple yet sensational Dark Chocolate Mint—deep, dark chocolate meets sultry crème de menthe, with just a touch of vanilla to finish. We can even make blend it to be a darker chocolate or a more invigorating mint sensation, just ask!

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