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Countdown to Christmas

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It is that time of the year yet again. Christmas Eve is a time for merry-making and reflecting on the year that was. Since the turn of the century, Christmas celebration modes have changed. Take a trip down memory lane, and you will notice Christmas in the 90's is different from Christmas today. Peoples' to-do lists have changed over and over again. Today Christmas is more vibrant, and it goes beyond Santa and company. For example, we now have the vaping art that involves e-cigs and lungs to generate mind-boggling vapor puffs. Vaping has attracted a large number of fans lately known as "cloud gazers."

Get you groove back on by including the following activities on your to-do list this festive season.

  • Relax with a good vape by the beach; if you haven't tried vaping, you are missing out on being part of a vibrant culture. Vaping is a fun and an interesting way to through swirling cloud shapes of your choice. Take the vaping art to a new level by trying it by the beach with a friend and see who swirls the most creative clouds.
  • Vape with amazing e-juice flavors; vaping is about the thrill and what better way to bring out the thrill than vaping with a flavor of your choice? There are several great flavors available to light up your Christmas this year. They include Amaretto Amore a delicate apricot flavor infused with burnt sugar. This flavor is natural and is set to make your vaping experience a memorable one. Moving on, there is the sophisticated Chai Tea flavor made from all the goodness of black tea infused with nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, and vanilla. How's that? Simply breathe taking.
  • Attend a vaping competition, attend a vape competition this Christmas and brace yourself for tons of smoke creativity and smoke innovation. The competition commences with two antagonistic "vapers," each with their modified electronic cigarettes in their mouths and their bodies' set in a crouch position. Vapers believe the position will offer them a bigger lung capacity. Contestants in vape competitions use a mechanical mod paired with a special atomizer with the mod holding off batteries that power the atomizer. Inside the atomizers, we have wrapped heating coils and some tufts of cotton soaked with "e-juice". If you are a cloud gazer, be assured of a sweet smelling session as the e-juice is vaporized to generate sweet-smelling vapors depending on the flavor of the day. The contestants then screw the atomizers cap open and press the button at the bottom of their devices to ignite the coils before sucking the vapor and blowing beautiful cloud funnels into the air. This Christmas, you can attend the competition as a cloud gazer or take part in the sport.

When one mentions Christmas our mind automatically shift to what we would like to do on Christmas or what we have done in the past. Go beyond your imagination this season by adding up vaping activities to your to-do list and live the moment. Merry Christmas

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