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Scents and Sensations of the Season

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Merry Christmas; over the next few weeks expect some frenzy and excitement that comes along with the season. This is the eve when indelible memories are made with friends and family; memories that are treasured for a lifetime. However to make such memories it all goes down with what's on your to-do list for the holiday. Re-invent your festive season this year by including vaping in your to-list.

Vaping is famous for its beautiful scents and flavors that rejuvenate your festive season and leave you all happy and excited. Knowing your favorite e-juice flavor is as important as vaping itself. To know your favorite flavor, you first have to understand your personality. In most instances, people go for the flavor they are familiar with for example tea lovers will prefer the chai tea flavor. However, do not be limited by your regular flavors. Instead try out a new flavor this season and experience a new dimension of vaping. That being said it is smart to get acquainted with this year's top scents and flavors and brace yourself for the experience. Here we go:

  • Amaretto Amore offers a unique, bittersweet taste found in premium amaretto liqueur. Amaretto Amore has a delicate apricot/almond flavor infused with burnt sugar. The flavor is full natural and comes with full pharmaceutical grade nicotine. The amaretto represents one of the best flavors this year, and it is set to bring life to your season.
  • Apricot; bearing all the goodness of apricot the flavor has a slightly sweetened taste with musky tartness. On the e-liquid, the flavor brings out the sensation of a summer matured apricot. This flavor delights your taste buds with its fruity fresh apricot taste and could easily make it to the top of your favorite vapes this season. Also, the flavor is fully natural with no artificial taste.
  • Chai tea; you have probably heard of the chai tea flavor that is taking over the vaping street with it rich and sophisticated flavor. It is made from all the goodness of black tea infused with nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla. You get an excellent black tea flavor as you exhale coupled with a nice cinnamon flavor. Spice up your vape moment this season by trying out the chai flavor.

This festive season, indulge with your favorite flavor and swirl creative vape cloud into the air. Relax with some good vape by the beach; if you haven't tried vaping, you are missing out on being part of a vibrant culture. Vaping is fun and an interesting way to through swirling cloud shapes of your choice.

Vape flavors communicate your personality and taste to cloud gazers (cloud gazers are vaping fans). The art itself is also fun; to start with you can vape by yourself on your backyard. When you feel creative, enough you can test your vaping skills by engaging friends in a competition. And finally to all who haven't tried out vaping; you are missing out on a potential hobby that offers you the opportunity to be creative and at the same time enjoying your favorite flavor.

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