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This holiday season we invite you to prolong the festivities by trying some of our rich flavors, perfect for this year's Thanksgiving celebrations. This is a special day where friends and family gather to spend quality time together, and there's nothing like relaxing after a big dinner and vaping while you catch up with loved ones.

Even if the turkey is dry and the gravy tastes worse than it looks, our e-juice flavors will always deliver the best quality and taste. E-juices were widely considered a novelty but new trends this Thanksgiving suggest that vaping is quickly becoming the norm. Vaping is the new way many families spend their post-dinner hours instead of smoking cigarettes or cigars.

Thanksgiving celebrates the integration of two cultures and historically involves sharing tobacco as a gesture of solidarity. Our modern day Thanksgiving celebrations show solidarity through our love of football, and many of us have replaced the tobacco tradition with the best seasonal e-juice flavors. We welcome new trends with the growing popularity of e-cigarettes which mean you can expect some amazing deals this year from Black Friday to Christmas. E-juices make the perfect gift and compliment your holiday traditions, and we have some amazing flavors perfect to get you into the holiday spirit.

Eggnog, for instance, is ideal for the holidays. This flavor invokes a strong sense of nostalgia and is perfect for sharing among loved ones. This holiday treat combines the best of this season's popular ingredients with the flavor of cream, milk, whipped cream, sugar, eggs and just a hint of nutmeg. Just like when you leave a treat of milk and cookies for Santa every year, this eggnog flavor can become the new tradition you treat yourself to.

Our Black Cherry Dulcet is great for those who prefer the taste of rich, ripe fruits. As autumn slowly starts to settle in, this full-bodied flavor perfectly combines the essence of sweet and tangy to capture the best of the fall season. For those who prefer a cherry flavor, our Amaretto Amore perfectly combines the sweetness of cherry and burnt sugar with a delicate apricot and almond flavor.

We also encourage you to try our Cinnamon flavor. This year many new holiday dessert recipes include cinnamon-based sweets. As you enjoy that pecan pie or spiced rum cake, our cinnamon e-juice perfectly compliments the flavors of the season with its unique but subtle taste - a blend of  spicy, sweet, and earthy.  Our flavors are all customizable to suit the holiday season. 

Check out our website for additional flavors which are popular during this Thanksgiving season and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

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