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Some minor changes for August...good changes of course!

Good day fellow vapers!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Starting August 27th we will be shipping your juices on a Monday through Thursday as opposed to our current Wednesday through Saturday schedule.  Thank you for bearing with us as we make this transition. More details to come but you can expect a 3 business day or less order to shipment timeframe. 

Sunday - Ship Tuesday
Monday - Ship Wednesday
Tuesday - Ship Wednesday
Wednesday - Ship next day Thursday
Thursday -  Ship the following Monday
Friday - Ship the following Monday
Saturday - Ship the following Tuesday

We have finalized a Cinnamon Red Hot flavor which can be requested when ordering the Cinnamon flavor.  Just mention it in the "customize this flavor" text box at checkout.

BANANAS!  You have spoken and we are attempting to answer.  The hard work is over and all that is left is to add the Banana flavor to the site.  The formula is finalized and can be make for you just order another flavor and request the Banana.  Yay~!


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