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Space Vape for Aliens

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NASA's Kepler Space Telescope is tasked with finding exoplanets though it is claimed to detect more than the usual natural phenomena. Kepler can also indicate the signature of artificial structures orbiting other stars. It detects an exoplanet by sensing any slight dimming of the starlight. Normally, the shape of an exoplanet is round, so it can get a little bizarre when Kepler detects something that isn't round.

This is the prevailing situation with a star called KIC 8462852, which is reported to be emitting a strange light pattern that has puzzled many for a while now. The light pattern emitted by the star doesn't follow the normal model and scientists have come up with various theories to explain this phenomenon. While some astronomers suggest that the phenomenon is a scientific scenario, some others are compelled that the answer to the strange pattern may be the presence of extraterrestrial life. Aliens that's what I mean!! Calls for a dramatic vape to keep away from the craziness.

Call it crazy, science-fiction or whatever, but what if aliens exist in space? If you are struggling to come to terms with this thought, you might want to get a good hold of your favorite e-cig from Highbrow Vapor. Experience a fresh and crisp treat with Eve's Delight from Highbrow. This apple-flavored e-liquid offers a taste and smell that is oh so natural. It's like a bite out of a ripe and fresh apple every time you vape. It leaves you feeling like you are floating in the clouds, perhaps set out for a trip to space!

Thinking about it though, an alien civilization that can build mega structures around the star blotting a sizable fraction of starlight as they pass in front isn't such a long stretch of the imagination. Our galaxy has existed well over 13 billion years, so it's possible that there might be something out there. When crazy and hot topics such as this surge, it only makes sense to sit back, relax and enjoy the gift of life with a Heavenly Macaroon. You would rather imagine magical, starry nights and a glimpse of heaven. This delicious flavor gives you just that feeling. The perfect combination of coconut, chocolate and almond will give you a mind-blowing good vape.

The mystery persists, and more work need to be done to prove the existence of alien civilization. But truth be told, the human race could be devastated if aliens learned of our existence and invaded the earth. Is there something we would do to protect ourselves? It sounds so crazy, but the situation is similar to Halloween tradition.

Different cultures combine their beliefs and idea of wearing a costume during Halloween so that the vengeful souls of the dead will not recognize you and claim revenge. So even as you ponder of whether to hang on to your Halloween costume, it isn't such a bad idea to integrate an exciting vape with the fall tradition. The Dark Chocolate Mint flavored e-juice from Highbrows takes the Halloween tradition to the next level. The richness and quality of the tobacco gives a delightful vape and the addition of the hazelnut and cream add impeccable depth and an excellent throat hit. This flavor sets you on fire and might just scare off the aliens, just in case they decide to invade our planet this fall season.

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