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Highbrow Political Headlines

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It is the season of politics again, and the primaries are getting near. There are presidential candidates that you adore so much and wish to see them carry the party ticket. Your support towards their campaigns does not stop at attending political rallies or volunteering in their campaign efforts, but goes to purchase even some of their merchandises to raise funds for their race. Wouldn't it be nice if you shared in the glory of their victories in with the Presidential Vapes that they use? Worry no more, because Highbrow Vapor has you covered.

Hillary Clinton is the favorite with Democrats

If you share in the political ideologies of the Democratic Party, then you would want to experience the Cappuccino Diablo. It is a flavor made to be enjoyed most in the mornings and evenings with its creamy, smooth and never bitter state. With Hillary's slogan of "Every day, America needs a champion; I want to be that champion," you can be sure that by selecting this product, you will be a champion in your own right. What's more, Highbrow Vapor allows you to customize the product to your specifications just like real champions do, with no extra cost!

Bernie Sanders is a strong contender

Being a democrat does not mean you cannot have differing interests in the same party, Bernie Sanders is bringing a political revolution to America. He is stirring interest according to the recent polls and as such, it is good to have a strong product that hits you at the right place to share in his political successes. The Highbrowbacco Menthol flavor is a strong flavor that is not artificial or chemical-tasting and can be ramped up or down to just your liking! Just as many people would wish their politicians to deliver on their promises, you can be certain the products from Highbrow will deliver you a 100% naturally flavored package.

Republican House seeks to sort itself out

The Republican Party has fielded the highest number of candidates in the GOP primaries in the run-up to the 2016 presidential race. From renowned retired Neurosurgeon Ben Carson to the most absurd (according to The Washington Post) Donald Trump. This crowded field should not worry you though; after all, think of all the good that comes from very crowded blueberry bushes!  Highbrow took extra care with our  Blueberries flavor, infusing it with vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg.  A potent product, not for the faint at heart. 

The Tea Party

For the more leftist and non-affiliated, we have Chai Tea flavor that is in sync with the views of the Tea Party. Give yourself a treat of the increasingly popular beverage that is blended with varying flavors to meet the wide array of tastes and preferences of our customers.

Whether you want to declare your independence or support for the opinions of any of the runners in the two strong political parties, you can do it all while enjoying the vapes whose tastes are guaranteed to satisfy. 

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