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Smoke and Mirrors

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Halloween is especially fun for kids, but who said that they get to enjoy all the fun while you idle around? Need a reminder that Halloween can be fun for you too? As children dress up in costumes, have their own parties or trick or treat for candy; adults can dress up in costumes, visit a Haunted House, attend parties, or - better still - plan one of their own.

Decorating your home in Halloween-themed schemes is usually one of the best ways to have fun on this most awaited day. You can get a little bit more creative by either designing personalized scary scenes or schemes or by stopping by any party store and picking up ready to display decorations and lights. Smoke and mirrors are great elements to use to make any scene more realistic and ghoulish! You could also cut figures like witches, vampire bats, skeletons and frightened cats out of cardboard material. Place your cut-outs over the windows on the inside and use streak-free window glass wax on them to get a little freaky.

Haunted Houses attractions are a great way to add to adult Halloween fun. If you can't plan it yourself, there are numerous local organizations that use Haunted Houses as means of raising funds for various reasons. Well, for just a bit of cash, you can walk through a scare fest of ghouls, vampires, ghosts and monsters.

Halloween parties can be lots of fun as you are free to fully experiment. And remember, just about anything goes. You can opt to go with funny scary or even video game or cartoon character party schemes and gradually build from there. Don't forget to have for yourself lots of Halloween music mixes and dancing costumes too. What better day to try out some new vape flavors than the eeriest day of the year?  You are sure to share the "scariest" flavors with friends and ghouls alike!

The reason as to why e-cigs don't produce smoke like their traditional counterparts is because there's no combustion taking place, so e-cigs are a great way to add a fun and fresh element to a costume. If you plan to attend a party or even plan your very own event this Halloween, take your costume a notch closer to realistic by incorporating an e-cig and smoke! Check out this ensemble of e-liquid favorites for this Halloween.

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