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TV Talk Show Host Day - Really?

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Johnny Carson Did you know that 23rd of every October has been set aside to pay tribute to TV talk show hosts in appreciation for the fantastic job they do in all of their puns, interviews, stories and even those hilarious monologues. It is known countrywide as the National TV Talk Show Host Day. It is technically an unofficial celebration of The King of Late Night Television's birthday, the late great John William 'Johnny' Carson. He was born on the same day in the year 1925. He hosted the show for a reputable thirty years. He was a host, writer, comedian, actor, musician, and producer.

Among his many awards and memorable events on television, Carson was a very private individual socially. He had a reputation of smoking for years and even did it on camera on his early days in 'Tonight'. He was not too fond of cigarettes, quoted in the mid-70s repeatedly referring to them as 'things that will kill me'. His younger brother even recalled during their last conversation Carson kept referring to 'Those damn cigarettes.' On January 23, 2005, Carson died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from emphysema that caused respiratory failure. For smokers, we all know too well, how challenging it is to drop the cigarette habit.  

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Carson would have loved our perfect Exotic blend, High browbacco. Vape enthusiasts love a medium bodied, finely toasted flavor that can be mixed with fruity options for an organic element or can be vaped individually. A lot of professionalism has gone to in the creation of such a sweet cigarette flavored blend. Gentle and smooth on the throat, this blend is an accumulation of our most exquisite blends of tobaccos into a single entity. The throat hit is one to write home even in low concentrations.

So, hat's off to Johnny Carson and enjoy a good vape in his honor!

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