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Put the eeeeeeeee-juice in Halloween

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With October's arrival and Halloween fast approaching, you and your friends are likely making big plans to celebrate this frightfully fun fall holiday. Believed to have originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween was once celebrated by Druids who built huge sacred bonfires where people would gather to burn crops and animals, offered as sacrifices to Celtic deities.

During the evening of this celebration, Celts donned clothing made from animal heads and skins which led to today's tradition of wearing oh so spooky Halloween costumes and supremely scary masks. Aside from the costumes you have chosen to wear this year, what are the scariest things you will see or experience this Halloween?

Don't Run Out of E-Juice on Halloween!

Hopefully you are all stocked up on your favorite vape supplies such as e-liquids and e-juices ...and if you are lucky, a few other delectable flavors to enjoy this Halloween season so you aren't SCARED of running out! Here are some fun fall flavors you might want to consider when you're celebrating your favorite superstition inspired Halloween activities.

Eve's Delight: Apple Flavored E-Juice

Halloween is based on the celebration of superstitions and fortune telling, and the tradition of 'bobbing for apples' fits this theme perfectly. Dating back several hundred years to Scotland and Ireland, this activity is believed to have originated from an activity associated with divination. In old Celtic fairy lore, apples are thrown into a tub of water and participants must catch one of these apples using only their mouths. After waving the peeling around your head and throwing it over your shoulder onto the ground, it is believed you will see the letter of your true love's first name. Other variations include hanging apples on strings which hang down from above .

Vape with Orange E-Liquid Flavors Apricot and Orange de Sangre

Other than black (for the obvious reasons), orange is the traditional Halloween color, all because of the pumpkin. Make things spooky around your home with the Irish tradition of carving scary faces into pumpkins, called jack-o-lanterns. Jack-o-lanterns came about based on the legend of a greedy man named Jack who was too stingy to enter heaven, and too ornery to enter hell because he had played numerous jokes on the devil. Because of this, the miserly man was forced to walk the earth until judgment day, carrying his lantern.

Hazelnut Cream Flavored E-Liquids to Vape

Another interesting Irish tradition that is no longer celebrated by the masses, called Nutcrack Night, requires the placement of nutshells near a fire in order for participants to watch how they would burn. Labeled with their crush's name, if the nutshell burned slowly without going out, you could be sure it was true love. However, if the nutshell cracked or popped and flew off of the hearth, the prediction indicates the love interest is merely a passing fancy.

With some fall inspired e-liquid and e-juice flavors in stock, you will enjoy a taste of these and many other popular traditions used to celebrate Halloween. Which flavors will you vape on All Hallow's Eve?


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