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There are lots of big topics in the news today, reminding everyone that the world is getting crazier and crazier by the moment. These hot topics make it more tempting than ever to kick back in your favorite armchair and forget about the world outside your front door. It makes more sense to chill with your favorite flavors and a trusty vape pen, letting all that drama pass you by.

Headline News: Top Reasons You'd Rather Be Vaping

You can easily predict the headlines without having someone on the inside or a degree in Journalism. There will be stories of heartache and great accomplishments, political promises and world events, celebrity gossip and criminal acts. Here are today's reasons you would be better off vaping than watching the news, straight from Hollywood insiders.

Divorce Looming for Actress Kaley Cuoco and husband, Ryan Sweeting

Tennis pro Ryan Sweeting and Kaley Cuoco, listed in Forbe's line-up of highest paid actresses due to her role as 'Penny' on the CBS hit show 'The Big Bang Theory', are announcing their decision to file for a divorce after less than two years of marriage. While they have requested privacy in the matter, America wonders if this divorce is because they only dated three months before announcing an engagement, tying the knot in 2013.

While there is no specific e-liquid named after the sweet, sweet freedom brought on by divorce, there are some great flavors available to commemorate Cuoco and Sweeting's love gone bad. While it sounds so so wrong to kick back and contemplate these Hollywood hotties' next top prospects, you will find great enjoyment in speculating when you check out such e-liquid best sellers as Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean Decadence and Cappuccino Diablo.

Tom Cruise Sells Real Estate, Back to Court with Katie over Child Support

While the source may be inaccurate, Hollywood and the rest of the Unites States is abuzz due to recent events in 'Mission:Impossible' actor Tom Cruise's life. After he and wife Katie Holmes decided to split, Cruise was hit with an annual child support payment of $400,000 but now, an insider reveals that isn't enough for daughter Suri's personal needs and pursuit of the arts. While Cruise reports being unable to see Suri for nearly two years, even though he reportedly agreed to leave Scientology behind in lieu of a relationship with his little girl.

One might feel sorry for Cruise having to fork over more than $400,000 per year in child support if he had not just sold some prime real estate in Los Angeles. His two-and-a-half acres in Laurel Canyon included a lavish European-style estate sold for $11.4 million dollars - wow! The word is that Cruise has recently listed property in Beverly Hills also, a $30.5 million dollar estate purchased when he and wife Katie were still calling each other honey and babe.

You can choose to celebrate Cruise's financial success with such e-liquid flavors as Cuban cigar or Butter Rum. Or, you might find yourself sympathizing with Katie, cheering her on in her quest for more child support with popular e-liquids for women such as Peach Thymba, Cheesecake Torte, and Raspberry.

So whatever the news and the flavor you choose, kick back and escape the crazy realities of the world with a good vape!


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