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Best Vape Apps for Android and Apple iPhone


Coil Calculator: The Apple app is really a top must have for great vaping e-cig fans or anyone who wants to start building their own coils. With this app you can pick your own types of coils and then add in things like wrap numbers and lead strength. It's a great reference guide but it doesn't have clear directions as this has complex info on electricity, resistance and amps.

E-Cig Diary: This Android app is pretty easy to use. It helps to keep track of cool things like how much you saved in switching away from analogs. It also shows you how much nicotine you're not getting by staying away from cigarettes and you can actually calculate how much nicotine and other chemicals are in e-cigarettes.

E-Juice Lab: This cool app is a great way to make your own blends and you can see how much you are mixing in new recipes and rate them, too! This cool calculator also lets you estimate the nicotine rate, VG and PG.

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E-Juice Me Up: This app is designed for anyone who loves making their own mixes and likes to blend their own vape juice. As you can adjust the nicotine, PG and VG levels with water, you can tell the flavor percentages, etc. Go to their site for the tools and key features you can use.

E-liquid Mixer: This fun Android app is a simple to use way to make your own vape mixes and get the right balance you want. You can use key features like Saved recipes, Watt Calculators, Mixers, and more!

iVape: The Apple app lets you change different flavor concentrations and save recipes. The downside is you can't save recipes. It needs a little more tweaking in the fonts and it also needs a cost calculator, but maybe they will add these features fans look for.

Leafly: Available in the Google Play Store, this cool app lets you find all things cannabis. They also have vaporizers and various features like store locations that sell e-cigs, etc.

Micro Coil Pro: For iPad, iPhone & Android, it has a 4.5 out of 5 rating for its ease of use and easy to navigate user interface. For those learning about coils, this is the app for you! Also be sure to check them out on Facebook and you'll find a lot of great tips and resources.

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Mount Baker Vapor: Available for Apple and Android, this vape shop has great brands, DIY supplies, accessories and e-cig starter kits.

Ohm's Law Calculator App: For Apple and sold in Google Play, you can crate and set your own wattage that you will be using as you work on various mechanical mods, so it's very basic and gives you amps, watts, etc.

Smoke-free: This app is available in iTunes and in Google Play. It counts the number of cigarettes you haven't consumed.

Vape Maps: This app is available in iTunes or Google Play and gives you maps of all available stores that sell vape supplies in your area. Great if you're out of town!

Vapeslate: For iTunes and Google Play, it helps you find vape shops and gives tips on the latest tanks.

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Vaped Up: For iTunes, it's a great vape shop locator.

Vapemate: Vapemate has timers and calculators and helps you find supplies.

Vaper's Toolbox: For android devices, it has an Ohms law calculator and other cool tools.

VaporCalc: This android app is not for novices, it helps with coils, Ohms and mixing. This is a top one!

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