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Great Flavors for Fall

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September 23rd marks the first day of fall which is one of four seasons that takes us from summer into colder weather before winter hits. It's also referred to as the Autumnal Equinox. For some this may mean sweater weather and turning off the AC as the nights are a little cooler. It's a time when we watch the leaves change color as they fall off the trees.

Deciduous trees start to shed their leaves and colors go from green to orange and red, then brown as they die. Historically leaves change in this falling away after they are no longer needed for shade as the sun is less intense.

We start stocking up for the winter…

The Autumnal Equinox is the start of autumn and it ends on December 21st. Animals instinctively start storing food during this time and for many birds, they store food in their dens (bears) and nests (birds), while some animals add more fat to their bodies. We also have less sunny days, but there's a lot to look forward to at night, including a good vape and lots of football!

There's a lot of great football on…

This is also a great time of year for football, getting those light sweaters out and enjoying great fall vape flavors like Highbrowbacco, or for that great stogie flavor during the game, light up Highbrowbacco Cigar. These heartier flavors are great for cooler weather and relaxing while the game is on. Have that and a little cognac and let's hope they don't deflate the balls this time! Did you know that the first footballs were made of pig's bladders and the first football helmets were leather? No risk of concussions there!

Maybe you're getting ready for fantasy football and you've already made your picks! That's great. Fantasy football has been around since 1962 when a few businessmen sat around betting on games. It has since turned into online leagues you can set up with friends and work colleagues. Enjoy the bittersweet taste of High Brow Vapor Amaretto while you tell your friends to make their picks already!

We enjoy the relaxing weather…

Because it's still warm, but not hot and it can also be a bit breezier at night; that means it's still a great time to sit outdoors and relax with your e-cigs and have a good vape. You can also go to bed with the windows open and sleep in. When you wake up late Saturday morning, how about High Brow Belgian Waffles without the calories? You can even have it mixed with Blueberries and the taste is amazing! Just try not to eat your e-cig!

Things get spicier…

When you think about fall, with the kids back in school, you may start to feel more festive as you get ready for the upcoming holidays. You may also hear the stores mention hot apple cider, so be sure to have your apple vape! Stores also will serve up hot drinks like coffees that are paired with sweet flavors. Vape your way through the fall football games with a little sweet decadence and indulge in Caramel Cake. With hints of vanilla and caramel, you can taste light vanilla cake sweetness in your mouth that's not too overpowering, but sets the mood just right - if your team wins!

For more great vape flavors, check out High Brow Vapor and shop by your taste palette, or create your own mixes and enjoy your e-cigs as the leaves fall and the games come on!

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