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5 TC Box Mod Settings All Vapers Should Be Familiar With

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So, you’re ready to get into TC vaping?  As you probably know, this style of vaping is great for those who really want to find their exact sweet spot, as it allows for a far more controlled method of vaping.  TC vaping simply means that rather than setting your mod to a precise wattage level, you’re setting a temperature level that directly determines the temperature that your coil can reach when a hit is fired.  TC vaping is great for those who want to customize aspects of their vaping like boldness of flavor, intensity of throat hit and level of vapor production.

Before Starting TC Vaping, You Need to Understand How It Works  

TC vaping is considered an advanced style of vaping, and you need to understand what a mod’s TC settings mean before you can attempt to enjoy what this vaping style has to offer.  Today, we’ll be discussing the five main TC box mod settings so that you can know exactly what to do once it’s time to give TC vaping a try.

We also just want to mention that when it comes to TC vaping, you need a TC box mod.  Never attempt to try this vaping style with any mod that doesn’t have a TC function.

Setting #1: Temperature Mode

This read on your mod as TC, TM or, sometimes, VT (variable temperature).  This is the first setting that you will select as it’s the one that activates temperature mode.  The default setting is wattage mode, which is what most vapers are used to. On the main menu, you’ll find temperature mode, so select that to get started with your TC vaping adventure.

Setting #2: Temperature

Once temperature mode has been activated, you must choose the temperature at which you’re going to vape.  This is just like selecting the wattage level when you’re vaping in wattage mode. And, just like wattage mode, there’s no exact temperature that works for everyone.  The ideal temperature varies from vaper to vaper and depends on a lot of factors such as the flavor of the e-liquid, the coil that’s being used and so on. Vapers tend to experiment with different temperatures before finding their own personal sweet spot.

Setting #3: TCR

TCR is short for temperature coefficient of resistance.  This phrase refers to the type of wire that you’re using.  For TC vaping, there’s a small variety of coil wire materials that are compatible, and it’s important to select the correct material once you’ve activated the TCR setting.  As you go through this setting, you’ll see a series of abbreviations for different types of metals, so choose the one that applies to the coil that you’re using.    

Setting #4: TFR

TFR is an alternative to TCR, and it’s becoming more popular.  Basically, some devices use TFR rather than TCR, because TFR may actually be more accurate.  Meanwhile, TCR seems to provide a more consistent vape in terms of vapor production, flavor and other attributes that are important to many vapers.

TFR stands for temperature factors of resistance, and this is determined by a more precise mathematical equation than TCR.  Basically, a TC box mod will either offer TCR or TFR.

Setting #5: Resistance Level

You’ll want to input the resistance level of your coil.  The relationship between your coil’s resistance level and the output level of your device is especially important when vaping in TC mode, so make sure that you enter it properly.  The resistance level has a lot to do with how your coil responds to a particular temperature at which your device is set.  

TC Vaping May Seem Intimidating to Someone Who Has Never Tried It Before

But as you can see, it’s really just a matter of familiarizing yourself with the settings that are involved and knowing what they mean in order to take full advantage of this popular function.  Without fully grasping these settings, you’ll end up with a disappointing vape. Use this guide to understand what goes into TC vaping so that you can have a deeply satisfying experience.

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