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5 Rules to Follow When Dripping

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Are you a fan of high-powered vaping setups, but desire a more customizable alternative to sub-ohm vaping?  If so, it may be time to start dripping.  Dripping is a unique style of vaping that’s considered more advanced, and requires a bit more effort, but most drippers will tell you that it’s all totally worth it.

The goal of dripping is to enjoy bigger clouds and stronger flavor with each hit.  To make this happen, the user switches out a standard vape tank for a rebuildable atomizer.  This type of atomizer allows for an exposed coil onto which e-liquid can be poured directly.  Only a few drops of e-liquid are applied to the coil at a time, and this direct contact makes each hit bigger and more flavorful.  It requires, however, that you continue pouring e-liquid onto the coil for every couple of hits, so if you’re a chain-vaper, know that this style takes more time and effort.

Rules of the Dripping Road

When it comes to dripping, there are some rules that everyone must follow.  Some of these rules are for your own safety, while others simply ensure as satisfying of a vaping experience as possible.

Rule #1: Always Check for the Drip Tip

One crucial part of dripping is removing the drip tip to expose the coil onto which you’ll apply your e-liquid.  After that, when you are ready to vape, you have to put the drip tip back on.  But it’s not unheard of to forget that last step, and put your mouth directly onto the hot coil because of a mental lapse.  So, make a point to always check for the drip tip before taking in a puff of vapor, because otherwise, you’ll burn your lips badly, and it won’t be pleasant to say the least.

Rule #2: Don’t Flood the Coil

The act of dripping involves putting a little bit of e-liquid onto the coil and taking a couple of puffs, and then repeating the process until you’re satisfied.  Some drippers may try to make things easier for themselves by putting extra e-juice onto the coil to get more hits out of each session.  But, don’t do this, because otherwise you’ll end up flooding the coil which will result in disappointing vapes overall.

Rule #3: Don’t Use Cheap E-Juice

With dripping, the flavor of the e-liquid is intensified.  That’s why you want to stick to premium e-juices, if you’re not already.  Vape juices made with cheap ingredients will expose their flaws to you when you’re dripping, and you’ll be turned off to them quickly.  Stick to reputable companies that use top-quality ingredients in all of their vape juices for the best results.

Rule #4: Don’t Use the Wrong Hardware

In order to drip properly, you need to have the right hardware.  Not only that, but the hardware needs to be high in quality.  Dripping is slightly more risky than standard vaping because the unique nature of the process, so you really don’t want to use low-quality products here.  Further, make sure that you’re using the right atomizer for this type of vaping style, because trying to make things work with an incompatible atomizer can lead to disaster.

Rule #5: Take Just Enough Puffs Before Adding More

We get it – you’re not in the mood to repeat the process of dripping over and over again, so you try to milk each actual dripping session as much as possible by taking tons of hits with just a little bit of e-liquid.  Well, simply put, stop.  You’re going to end up with lots of dry hits as you do this, as your coil can only do so much with the e-liquid that you added.  Further, taking too many hits off of a dry coil will burn out your coil and force you to replace it.  Only take up to four hits per a couple of drops of e-liquid.

Go Ahead and Drip Away, The Right Way

As you can see, while dripping can be a highly rewarding experience, it will only satisfy you as long as you follow the rules.  These five rules must be followed strictly, or else you’ll end up disappointed, or worse, in danger of harm.  Luckily, they’re relatively easy to follow if you’re willing to commit to the process.

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