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5 Reasons Why Your E-Liquid is Looking Cloudy

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A lot of us pay close attention to how our vaping devices perform to make sure that they are always operating safely and efficiently.  However, when is the last time you paid as much attention to the e-juice in your tank?  Looking at your e-liquid can identify how compatible it is with your setup, how fresh it is, and even what kind of device it’s best suited for.  

Now, one thing that a vaper may notice when examining their e-juice is that it’s cloudy, which is the primary focus here today. 

What is in E-Liquid?

Before actually talking about cloudy vape juice, we need to quickly go over what is actually in a vape juice formula.  E-juices consist of these main ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavoring and nicotine (unless the juice is nicotine-free).  The exact proportion of these ingredients can differ between one ingredient to the next, but overall, an e-liquid’s general formula is basically consistent throughout the entire industry.

Is Cloudy E-Liquid Dangerous?

So, let’s say you look at your e-juice and notice it has a cloudy appearance.  Is this dangerous?  Well, almost definitely not.  Cloudy e-liquid results from a few factors, none of which are associated with any kind of harm.  Remember that even expired vape juice isn’t known to be dangerous, as the ingredients don’t become harmful or toxic once they’ve been sitting for too long.

Five Main Reasons Why an E-Liquid May Appear to Be Cloudy

As you’ll see, all of these factors are pretty straightforward and easy to remedy.

Reason #1: E-Liquid is Cold or Hot

We said earlier that most e-liquids consist of four principal ingredients, and those ingredients are carefully blended together to form an emulsion which keeps the formula nice and homogenized.  One thing though that can throw off that homogenized consistency is extreme temperature.  Both high heat and freezing temperatures can cause these ingredients to separate from each other, causing a cloudy appearance as some ingredients clump together. 

If your vape juice has been exposed to extreme temperatures recently, this is likely the reason why.  Simply wait for the liquid to get back to room temperature and give it a good shake, and you should be good to go.

Reason #2: You Need to Clean Your Tank

We tend to underestimate just how much our tanks can get dirty over time.  But each time you fire a hit, a little bit of your e-liquid is causing gunk to develop inside the tank.  Over a short period of time, this gunk accumulates, and can make its way into the e-juice inside of your tank.  A cloudy appearance could, therefore, indicate that it is time to take your tank apart and thoroughly clean each piece.

Reason #3: Coil Needs to Be Replaced

If the coil is no longer functional, it may be struggling to heat your e-liquid to the right temperature, or could burn the e-liquid, with either of the issues potentially causing the juice formula to separate inside the tank.  If you have been using an expired coil, then that is likely the cause of the cloudiness that you see.  

You will know your tank is expired if:

  • Your e-juice’s flavor is off.
  • The vapor output has declined.
  • Experiencing spitting or popping as you inhale enough vapor.

Reason #4: That E-Liquid is Cheap

Sometimes, your e-liquid can look cloudy in the bottle because it just wasn’t made well.  If it was made with inferior ingredients, or if the liquid has not been blended properly during the mixing stage, then it can be cloudy due to separation of ingredients.  Sometimes, it can be cloudy as a direct result of the quality, reflecting that certain ingredients have not been purified.  If this is the case for you, the e-juice should be replaced, because low-quality vape juices are likely not made with quality ingredients that are going to satisfy your needs.  To expand on that, the cloudiness is likely to get worse in the tank once heat has been applied to the liquid.

Reason #5: Your E-Liquid is Old

Over time, e-liquid naturally separates due to oxidization.  Oxidization occurs when too much oxygen has entered the vape juice and caused certain molecules to bind together, while others separate.  The result is an inconsistent, cloudy vape juice formula that is likely lacking in flavor, not to mention potency of nicotine, and will not give you the satisfying vape that you crave.  If the formula has separated enough, then the e-liquid will struggle to vaporize in the tank due to a negative change to its consistency.

“Cloudy” with a Chance to Still Be Vaping

Cloudy e-liquid can be a disturbing sight and may even leave you wondering whether or not the liquid is even safe to vaporize.  While it’s almost certainly safe, it may not be appealing to you, as separated vape juice struggles to evenly vaporize through the heat of the coil.  That being said, consider each of the above culprits to diagnose the issue, as this can determine the proper course of action to get back to vaping in a way that satisfies you.  Also, always make sure you’re using a clean tank and fresh coils, while buying only high-quality vape juices.

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