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Admit You're Happy

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Come on, it's August! That means its "Admit You're Happy" month. With so many great reasons to be happy like Fantasy Football, kids going back to school, another month of great warm weather and top movies coming out, read a few of our top reasons to be happy while you enjoy a good vape and share it with friends and family!

You might be enjoying a lot of college football and we don't want to take you away from all the action. We know you're equally as excited about the upcoming NFL season so we've included the upcoming NFL Football Schedule. Whether you're a hard core fan and you want to catch all the training camp action, or you've already lined up your wide receiver and rookie picks, you know the upcoming season is Something to Talk About! Be sure to join a Fantasy Football League and tell Johnny Come Lately, maybe next season, kid! Top vape picks: Highbrowbacco – Cigar and Buttered Rum. Yeah, we know - smoky and sweet. With all that football, you can stay in a fog as long as you want!

Maybe you're a big movie fan and that's great! There's a ton of new flicks on the way between now and December, so be sure to get ready for:

  • The highly anticipated Sicario hitman movie with Benicio Del Toro is due next month about an elite government task force. With its violent depictions taking place all over Mexico, we thought it fitting to serve up a spicy and robust Cappuccino Diablo!
  • The last installment of The Hunger Games in November, may the odds ever be in your favor getting a seat to this screening. We've paired a Cinnamon Red Hot vape with this flick and with 5 star reviews; you'll find it's on fire, too!
  • Also coming out in November, just in time for the turkey and the trimmings, make sure to check out Creed! There's been a lot of hype about this movie as Apollo Creed's son Adonis is trained by Rocky Balboa! Check out one of his greatest speeches of all time! Rocky knew how to take a hit and keep on making sequels! In honor of Rocky and Thanksgiving, we've partnered Mom's apple pie with Highbrowbacco – Clove. Hint: Let it steep, rookies!
  • Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (December). It's rumored Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg are in this version and of course, Chewbacca's back! Speaking of Chewbacca…we recommend the Highbrowbacco – Exotic Blend. The strong, all natural tobacco flavor is bold enough to go where no man has gone before! May the force and the vape be with you!
  • The kids go back to school soon, so only one more month of them complaining about how there's nothing to do so they can go back to school and complain about having too much to do.
  • We no longer have to look at that miserable Grumpy Cat. There's a new kid on the block, Grumpy Dog! Shelters everywhere will now be filled with cute, discarded pets that can't generate income.
  • That extra salt you had leftover from last year's snow…you're going to need it! The Farmer's Almanac is predicting more snow! Do they really get paid to do that – I mean, we could have told them…
  • While you might have been worried about all those Snakes on all those planes, 3 big snakes have been caught including 1 Cobra in Texas, an 18-foot Python in Florida and a 15-foot Python in Missouri. Just another reason why small dogs everywhere need their own GPS!

Read every excerpt on the list and still in a funk? Not to worry, when you need a good vape, be sure to check out Highbrow Vapor. You can create your own flavor profile, mix and match, send gifts to friends and relax! We still have a lot of summer fun left! Just don't go back in the water with all those sharks!

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