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How You Can Escape with a Good Vape

What kind of vape do you want? When you start thinking about the mood you're in and the flavor, you might want to ask yourself if you want something sweet like a dessert taste or if you want something minty? Do you want an all day vape? Or an after dinner treat?

Highbrow Vapors come in so many great flavors that you can pick out something light and refreshing like a minty flavor or a straight tobacco flavor. Maybe you want something sweet that tastes like cake or dry like a cigar. Be sure to check out Highbrow Vapors…

Developing Your Flavor Profile

Because you can shop by flavor, it helps to narrow down the type of taste you want. Vapes can have you in a cloud all day, but the flavor will be ultimately be up to you. Check out:

  • Dessert Flavors: If you want sweet desserts and to fill that candy craving, look for great flavors like Belgian Waffle, Caramel, Chocolate, Hazelnut Cream, Dark Chocolate Mint and Eggnog. These are great for that sweet tooth. Reviews have these as great strong tastes with true flavor your taste buds will love! Best juice for that sugar craving!
  • Drink Flavors: When you're ready for your morning java, make sure to check out flavors like Coffee with Bavarian Hazelnut Cream, Dark Roast, Espresso, Chai Tea and Green Tea flavors. You can also have an after dinner drink vape with Amaretto or for something summery and fruity try Strawberry Lemonade. Reviews say these are spot on flavors! Vape juice is perfect every time and a big seller is the Amaretto that's well balanced, sweet and strong enough for a good, relaxing vape!
  • Fruit Flavors: Fruit flavors are if you have a particular taste that you want like Pomegranate, Pear, Raspberry or Orange. A popular fruit vape to try is Coconut. Some find it mild, some let it steep longer and a great tip is to mix it with other flavors like Pomegranate!
  • Highbrowbacco Flavors: These fine flavors are for the tobacco enthusiast who wants a taste of French Pipe, an Exotic Blend, Cigar or Clove. One of the top sellers is Cigar with its earthy and nutty tastes. You can vape all day in this cloud! For any cigar smoker, while this might not be a Macanudo in your hand, it's real cigar flavor in your mouth! Reviews say it's spot on!
  • The Newest Flavors on the market: With new flavors like Raspberry and Caramel Cake, you'll definitely want to mix these two new favorites together!

Highbrow Vapor: When you're ready to order these flavors and more, be sure to check out You can order online or in one of their stores in the United States, South America or Europe. Highbrow Vapor specializes in providing the highest quality e-liquid at the best prices! Sign up with them and create an account. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Highbrow Vapor ships all over the world and they can custom create e liquid packages for you. Consider giving an e liquid package as a gift! If you do, be sure to give a balance of some dessert, fruit, and tobacco flavors to ensure a well rounded flavor profile!

When you're ready to vape, do it with Highbrow!

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