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July is National Blueberry Month

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July is National Blueberry Month! Start it off with a little history on the blueberry.

Blueberry facts: This tiny blue treat is home to North America and is grown in all but 15 states. Flavor profiles for blueberries can range from sweet and mild to tart and tangy! Blueberry season actually takes place from April until October despite the fact that you can buy blueberries year round - they're just not in season the other months when you shop for them. Try blueberries frozen for an added treat, or dry them out. They can also be canned and used in preserves.

Benefits and Uses: Health benefits for blueberries are very strong because they are considered antioxidants and are rich in Vitamin C and fiber. They're also low in calories. They make a great topping on yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, or mixed into breads, puddings and muffins. Because of their health benefits, they are used a lot for protein shakes and help to contribute to that purple color you sometimes see. They typically last for 3 to 5 days, but they may hold up for about a week in the refrigerator. An added treat is to stir them into recipes whole so they cook full of their own juicy flavor and pop in your mouth when you bite into them. Blueberries are also great mixed with other fruit.

Fourth of July treats that include blueberries include blueberry pie and using them in fruit salads You can also make a crumble with blueberries or a bread pudding.

Blueberry Vapor: To use blueberry e liquid this Fourth of July, you can create the same great flavors by using Blueberry and mixing it with Eve's Delight which is a delicious orchard apple flavor. This sweet treat will have you enjoying the holiday festivities and waiting for the fireworks! You can also try an assorted blend of Blueberry, Blackberry Limoncello, Black Cherry Dulcet, Raspberry and other fruity flavors for a mixed berry salad taste that's sure to give your taste buds hints of sugar and tartness!

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Highbrow Vapor sells all types of flavored e liquids that come in a variety of flavors like the aforementioned as well as nutty and woodsy flavors. Because you want your vape to be mild and other times you may want it sweet and spicy, be sure to go online to see the flavor profile types so you can custom create your own blends, mix and match the flavors you want or try Blueberry in everything! We recommend Blueberry and Caramel Cake! Hint: You might want to take July 5th off, too! You'll be that relaxed with these great vape flavors…

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Celebrate National Blueberry Month with Highbrow Vapor!

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