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Celebrate Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month!

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Welcome to summer - a time to enjoy vine-ripened tomatoes, freshly-picked peaches, and the ultimate in mouthwatering watermelon.   In the midst of celebrating National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, we can also celebrate with some delicious e-juice flavors.

Who formed the National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Group?

The National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable group was formed in 1991 by the National Cancer Institute. Their intent was to encourage individuals to eat healthier and more-balanced diets to increase their odds against cancer.  With proper nutrition, cancer patients boost their body's natural ability to fight off such a fierce opponent as cancer.

Where did e-juice originate?

While we honor and celebrate the best and juiciest of fruit flavors in the coming summer months, we can look back at the history of e-juice to fully appreciate just how exciting the flavors are that are available to us today.  The first flavors were introduced in local smoke shops back in 1965 in Beaver Falls. The variety of flavors have increased and continued to be cross-flavored and refined to mimic fruit-flavored foods, desserts, upscale liquors, and more. The possibilities are virtually endless with the technology and the demand of today's consumers.  Try your hand at creating your own mix to enjoy your favorite fruity dessert, drink or one of the many other products that are available.

What are the best e-juice flavors to enhance the summer sun and fun?

It should come as no surprise that orange juice is the most popular fruit juice in the United States. The known benefits of orange Juice continue to increase as more research and development focuses on the implications of the make-up of the genetics of each ingredient.  If orange is the favorite juice, then o.j. drinkers should revel in the tangy and refreshing twist of the Orange de Sangre

What vacationer wouldn't appreciate an escape to a tropical island while sipping a fruity drink In a hammock.  Just imagine - the waves crashing along the shoreline, the rustle of palm fronds in the balmy breeze, and the island girls coming by to refill your drink.  Can't quite imagine it?  Perhaps you can more easily transcend there with the taste of the tropics in our coconut e-juice.  Relax and kick back - enjoy your time with a good vape.  .

Reward yourself after slaving over a summer get-together!  Mix up the creamy taste of Cheesecake Torte with the juicy fruit-flavored blueberry e-juice. One common thread of these e-juice flavors is that you get to create the scenarios and the mixes you want.

In June, celebrate the impact of healthy eating. Choose fresh fruit and vegetables to take home and feed your family a delicious and healthy meal. Celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month in your home.  Continue that trend with a good fruity vape after dinner!


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