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3 Ways for Breaking in A New Coil

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When it is time to get a new coil, all vapers know the feeling of having to break in a new coil. It is a rewarding feeling and maybe it is just a little bit time consuming, but in the end, it is worth it. There are at least three main ways to break in your new coil, and we will help walk you through all three.


Methods to Break-in Your Coil #1: No Power Vaping
The most common method is known as “No Power Vaping” or as “The Suction Method”. This method works by forcing liquid into the coil via a human-created vacuum. Simply close the air inflow and pull as if you are vaping, and the air will leave the chamber. Since wicks work by pulling liquid up, the vacuum speeds up that process quite a bit.

By using this method, you can break in your coil far more quickly than the other methods mentioned below. However, it is extremely easy to accidentally flood your coil, since you are suctioning without much knowledge of where the e-liquid is. It is essential to do the suctioning in small increments, or you will have to start over after you have flooded the coil.

Methods to Break-in Your Coil #2: Vibration
We know what you are thinking - that title sounds strange. But many vapers find this method quite therapeutic! Once you have set up your coil, grab your device. Then, imagine that you are holding a soda that you want to shake up and give to someone as a prank. Shake it as much as you can, and you will see that the coil is completely primed in an extremely fast amount of time. This works similarly to the No Power method, since shaking it is forcing the juice up the wick at a quicker rate. The reason it is being forced up is different, however. By shaking it, the liquid becomes more oxygenated. The oxygen bubbles act as a force to push the liquid up alongside the bubbles.

Methods to Break-in Your Coil #3: Patience
Of course, nobody wants to sit and wait for their coils to warm up. However, if you have the patience to wait for your coil to warm up on its own, then this is the best method. Those who do wait swear that the pulls after waiting are the best they have had. This method still only takes between 10 and 20 minutes, so it isn’t that long to wait if you have prepared everything else in advance. 

The three methods we have mentioned above are the most common methods vapers use to quickly and efficiently break in a new coil. There are many other ways that you may hear more seasoned vapers use, but by sticking to one of these three, you will be sure to have your new coil primed and ready to use, as soon as you’ve finished working with it.

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