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3 Simple Ways to Increase Your E-Liquid's Taste and Vapor Production

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Increasing the vapor and flavor production are two excellent ways of enhancing a vape session. You can achieve this by slightly tweaking you e-liquid. There are 3 factors that determine the level of your e-liquid’s flavor and vapor output.


The Vaper
If you aren’t getting a great taste or enough clouds from your e-juice, you just might be the problem. The reason why your juice’s flavor may no longer be serving your vaping needs sufficiently is because you might be experiencing vaper’s tongue. This is a situation whereby you can no longer enjoy a flavor like you used to in the past. Vaper’s tongue is caused by several factors including: dehydration, poor oral hygiene, common cold, and sticking to one e-liquid for a lengthy amount of time. If suffering from vper’s tongue, you can get a better taste if you drink lots of water and treat your nasal blockage issues. Also, it will help if you can switch-up e-liquids.

The vaper affects vapor production through the inhalation style. If you aren’t getting the desired vapor output, then you need to change your inhalation style. If you’re vaping with a MOD or any other vape hardware that has large airflows, switch direct to the lung inhalation method. Also, inhale more rapidly for increased vapor output. However, if you’re using devices without airflow control, the best way to maximize vapor output is but taking slow yet long inhales.

The E-liquid
The e-liquid’s characteristics can affect the vapor and flavor production in different ways. If looking to enhance vapor output, opt for e-liquids with a higher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio. The thick consistency of this ingredient helps to thicken the flavor. VG also could combine with the air’s moisture molecule, thus, enabling you to produce clouds of vapor. Conversely, a high PG ratio will help heighten the flavor. Its properties, which are clear, tasteless and thin, help to make your e-liquids flavor more pronounced and for you to achieve a moderate to strong throat hit.

The Vaping Device
To increase your e-liquids taste and vapor output, you might have to switch up your device. Consider switching to a powerful low resistance device, such as a MOD or APV that allows you to increase wattages. Lower resistance and high wattages will help you get more vapor from your liquid. On the other hand, using a sub-ohm device will help to heighten the taste of your e-juice. This is because such devices have more coils, meaning more juice is vaporized.

To increase the taste and flavor of your e-liquid, you must study yourself, the components of your e-liquid, and the capabilities of your vape hardware. If you’re lagging in any of the three, then you might not get the desired taste and vapor output.



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