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May 31st is World No Tobacco Day

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May 31st is "World No Tobacco Day," and everyone will be reminded of the dangers of smoking tobacco. Tobacco products are considered hazardous to one's health and more people are convinced than ever that they need to stop smoking. So, on May 31st, people everywhere will try to abstain from their habit to proclaim that they are tobacco-free, at least for one day.

Others will try to quit the habit completely, using the specially-ordained day as a starting point to kick off their plan to quit tobacco.

For many, the idea of quitting smoking is a dream that died stillborn, as they try various methods to quit without success. Some decide to try e-cigarettes in the place of the standard cigarette.

But what are e-cigs?

E-cigs are an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes that allow you to inhale the flavor of nicotine without the tobacco and other chemicals that are present in regular cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. By leaving out the tobacco, they are smokeless and that's why they are called smokeless tobacco or "vapes."

There are many benefits to vaping over traditional cigarettes. Here are some of them:


One of the obvious benefits is that they are smokeless, which means that you can enjoy them anywhere. You do not run the risk of offending someone standing nearby due to the close proximity that you might be to them when you are doing it. It removes the social lines that have been drawn often between smokers and non-smokers. This means you can enjoy them at work, in the mall, in stores, or anywhere where traditional cigarettes are not allowed because there is no smoke.


Another joy of "vaping" is that they relieve your nicotene craving without tobacco or any of the other extra chemicals found in cigarettes. Made of a special flavored E-liquid, your VG and PG are 100% USP food grade approved and the juice is produced in medically-clean and sanitized environments. This means you get the satisfaction of the soothing nicotene flavor without the rest. And best of all--no smoke!


Another great thing people love about vaping is that with e-cigs, you get to choose your favorite flavor, and you are not limited to one taste. You can try a variety of flavors like: Limoncello, Blueberry, or Coconut. There are specialty flavors too like Belgian waffle and Caramel cake, to name a few. This makes e-cigs fun, to vary the flavors you choose while knowing you are not getting the tobacco or "smoke factor" you got with regular cigs.


 The bottom line is e-cigs are just a better choice. We cannot say that they are better regarding health, because these claims have not been proven yet.  So, on World No Tobacco Day, try vaping instead and see the difference it makes.

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