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May the Fourth Be With You

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Space out while enjoying an enticing vape on May the Fourth Be with You Day, May 4, 2015. May the Fourth Be with You Day is dedicated to Star Wars fans worldwide and is the kick off to a month of celebration for the Star Wars saga. Six of the six action packed movies of Star Wars debuted in May, the original Star Wars debuted on May 25, 1977. Creator, George Lucas birthday is also in May. This year Star Wars "Return of the Jedi" celebrates its 30th anniversary. Creating your own way to celebrate with a Highbrow vape will make May the Fourth Be with You Day much more fun.

Imagine kicking it with Wookie Chalmun, the anti-droid Wuher, or the flirty Ackmena, at Chalmun's Cantina in Tatooine. Rich vapor fills the air. You pull out your Highbrowbacco Clove e-liquid to refill your mod, as a Wookie stares at you. The Space Troopers are getting close, so it must be time to head out of the cantina.

Perhaps you want to throw your own May the Fourth Be with You party. Create a costume themed event. Plan to play all the movies on a big screen TV, and relax with an Amaretto Amore vape, while snaking on galactic delights like a C3PO cake, or Wookie Pies. It is the perfect May the Fourth Be with You e-liquid from Highbrow to vape on and share with family and friends.

Also, do not forget that May 5, is "Revenge of the Fifth," (a day for those that want to celebrate Star Wars, "Revenge of the Sith"). This day is dedicated to the Sith Lords and other villains from the Star Wars series. Revenge of the Fifth Day is a day when those less noble and blood hungry join the Dark Side to fight for the Sith Lords. If only they had a Highbrow Vanilla Bourbon Bean e-liquid for their mod, then they could sit back and chill out for a bit.

No matter which flavor of e-liquid you choose for Star Wars, May the Fourth Be with You Day, you will find that Highbrow caters to our customers and has a variety of flavorful e-liquids that we will customize for your vaping pleasure.  Every delectable flavor packed e-liquid Highbrow offers are made to your specifications when you order, whether you wish to eliminate throat hit, double the flavoring, or control the amount of nicotine added.

So celebrate Star Wars Day, May the Fourth Be with You Day on May 4, 2015 with a specially Wookie mixed vape from Highbrow.

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