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What Bunnies and E-Juice Have in Common

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Celebrate Spring with Friends and a Good Vape!

Easter is right around the corner, and we all know what that means – Springtime is here! Although it's already technically spring, many of us are still awaiting its warmer arrival.

Spring introduces warmer weather, longer days, and the best time to play outdoors. It's perfect to meet up with friends and watch the games at your favorite bars.  So after the Easter egg hunts and large family dinners, you are definitely looking for some cool, relaxing moments. What better way than with friends and having a good vape? Highbrow Vapor has plenty of ejuice flavors ready for your enjoyment.

Flavors such as Vanilla Bourbon Bean, Cappuccino Diablo, and Highbrowbacco French Pipe are warm flavors to be enjoyed during the winter. However, in the warmer spring months, it's time to enjoy more exciting and robust fruit flavors. Check out these seven exciting ejuice fruit flavors which are perfect for the warm weather.

  1. Strawberry Lemonade is the tangy and sweet drink that gets everyone in the warm weather mood. The fresh strawberry and California citrus tastes are infused right into the ejuice.
  2. Limoncello is that zesty lemon taste you crave. It delivers a delicious and powerful taste.
  3. Raspberry is a sweet and tangy flavored ejuice reminding you of fresh raspberries ready for the picking.
  4. Coconut gives you that island inspired moment. Coconut is a rich and creamy ejuice flavor.
  5. Blackberry Limoncello is another magical fruity blend your mouth won't get enough of. It's our sweet and juicy Oregonian blackberries, with a touch of our famous limoncello.
  6. Coffee is perfect for any season! To keep you on your toes before or after work, try our Bavarian Hazelnut Cream coffee flavored ejuice.
  7. Nobody can resist cake! We've combined sugar, lemon, and vanilla to create our ultimate smooth Highbrow Chocolate Cake.

Host a Potluck

So if you want to get a spring party going, why not hook up with friends for a potluck? It's the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. You can grill up veggies and a few burgers, and enjoy the game. As an alternative, for those who don't have time to cook, how about bringing in ethnic foods such as Thai, Chinese, or Italian dishes. You can still enjoy these foods and the outdoors.

So break out the margaritas and beer and pair them with your favorite ejuice flavors! You'll soon be enjoying spring and the summer months to come.



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