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National Smoke and Mirrors Day

vaping Welcome to Highbrow Vapor

Perhaps as a warning to those about to experience April's Fool's Day, March 29th is slated as International Smoke and Mirrors Day as a reminder that not everything is always as it seems. While the origins of the holiday are as shrouded in the smoke that the holiday promises, it is generally understood that the source of the celebration derives from the practices of magicians who practice a deft sleight-of-hand to achieve their Grand Illusions. When it comes to defying expectations, what better way than by celebrating this unique occasion with the deliciousness of a good vape in a variety of delicious new ejuice flavors.

Gear Up for Smoke and Mirrors Day with your Signature Vape Flavor

The use of vapes is fairly ubiquitous these days owing to the convenience afforded by their use in places where traditional tobacco products are barred. That being said, this Smoke and Mirrors Day you can mix up your flavors, so the casual observer will not know whether you are enjoying a dessert flavor like Belgium Waffle, or you are slyly kicking back and hitting on the crisp, clean, slightly tangy taste of Orange de Sangre, or perhaps to fully get into the mood of the day, enjoy the smoky flavor promised by the bittersweet taste of Amaretto Amore?

If deception is the order of the day, you can keep them guessing with a customized blend of tastes and flavors that is sure to set your vape apart from the rest of the crowd come March 29, 2015. Get the jump on ordering your signature vape flavor for this whimsical holiday by ordering them from us today. Who is us you ask? We are Highbrow Vapor, and we are committed to maintaining the premiere online venue for your vape and ejuice supplies.

Customized Flavoring and the Highbrow Vapor Promise

Family owned and operated, here at Highbrow Vapor, we specialize in customized blends that are designed to delight, and formulated to please. As such, only here will you find the unique blends of ejuice that sets our products apart and above the rest of the crowd. We promise that we only sell the products that we would use ourselves, and we stand 100% committed behind each and every one of our delicious ejuice flavors, so pull out a vape and enjoy this Smoke and Mirrors Day with an excellent vaping product with your enjoyment in mind.

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