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Spring is Around the Corner: So Where is the Sunshine?

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Are you tired of being crippled by freezing temperatures and wintery weather? It feels like spring will never get here to free us from Mother Nature's frigid grip. With temperatures plummeting even in the Deep South and even as far as the South Texas Gulf Coast, Old Man Winter still will not let go. Ice keeps falling from the sky, and snow covers much of the ground, especially in the North.

Kevin Roth, lead meteorologist at The Weather Channel, stated that "The cold outbreak of 1899 is kind of the benchmark for cold outbreaks to beat, and this one (winter) looks like it'll either compare or be even more impressive." With the first day of spring on Friday, March 20th, not far off in future, Polar Vortex's continue to be the leading story in many locations. Pictures on Instagram of record ice formations, snow blanked ground, and other wintery scenes seem to be never ending. Much like this winter has been.

Ready for a Break for Old Man Winter and Mother Nature?

Highbrow Vapor Has The Answer.

Do you want to escape the harsh reality of the winter blahs, but don't have the money to jet off to a warm tropical island? Highbrow Vapor is a relaxing way to brighten the weather weary.

At Highbrow Vapor, we have a way to brighten the day. Give yourself the gift of that warm spring day by pampering yourself with a smooth, indulgent vape. We have the best selection of e-juice flavors anywhere. Highbrow e-juices not only have an array of tempting flavors, but we only sell the highest quality.

Kick back, put your feet up, and imagine sitting on a Caribbean beach with the sun kissing your skin. The tropics come to life when you use our Coconut e-juice. What's more spring like than our Strawberry Lemonade e-juice? This is a great flavor to kick start spring, and rid yourself of the winter blues.

It feels like it will never get here. Peach Thymbra e-juice is an exclusive Highbrow e-juice that is sweet and made by doing a reduction from fresh peaches. This top-rated e-juice will remind of you warm days and sunshine. You know spring's here when the ice cream trucks come out of their winter hideaways. What is better than ice cream on a warm spring evening? Highbrow's Dark Chocolate Mint is the perfect treat, and with no calories, it's also great for your waistline.

Tell the blues you are serious, and that spring is on the way! Get the lawn chairs out, sit back, and have a smooth, relaxing vape. Highbrow Vapor has the best premium selection of e-juices. Our high quality e-juices contain only the freshest and best ingredients for your pleasure. If you haven't tried vaping yet, we carry all the supplies you need to enjoy the wonderful world of vaping. We are sure you will find delight in our e-juices. So bid winter adieu and bring on Spring with Highbrow Vapor!


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