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Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day

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As the long, cold winter enters the final stretch (or so we hope....) there's one sure sign that spring is just around the corner! No, we're not talking about melting snow, longer days or warmer temps - we're talking St. Patty's Day!

If you're a fan of the celebratory green beer, corned beef and cabbage or a sturdy slab of rib-stickin' Irish soda bread, March 17th is the day to break out your finest green shirt, don a funky little leprechaun hat and enjoy a smooth dark chocolate and mint-flavored vape with friends and strangers alike! And even if you don't partake in off-colored adult bevvies or Irish cuisine, you can still get in on the fun that makes this end-of-winter holiday wildly popular with folks from every corner of the world!

After all, you don't need to be Irish to enjoy the spirit of St. Patrick's Day - all you need is a love of good music, good company and of course, a good laugh!

Here's a quick primer to help you make the most of this year's holiday:

St. Patrick's Day 101

Way back in the 400's (yes, the 400's - we didn't forget the extra digit...) a young man by the name of Maewyn Succat was kidnapped into slavery by the Romans and brought to Ireland. He managed to escape his captors and sought refuge in a Christian monastery in France, where he was re-named Patrick.

Maewyn, a.k.a. Patrick, then returned to Ireland when he became a Christian missionary, convincing then-Pagans to abandon their sinful ways, earning him a coveted seat in the bishop's chair.

And that's where the story gets a bit fuzzy.....

Some say that Patrick abolished all the snakes from Ireland with a passionate, serpent-repelling sermon; others claim that he used the four-leaf clover to teach would-be Christians about the faith, while other stories make St. Patty out to be responsible for resurrecting 33 people from the dead.

And to be honest, we're not really sure where the little dude in the weird leather getup carrying that pot of gold fits in to the story.....let alone that whole "

Regardless of where the truth lies, what we know for a fact is that St. Patrick's day celebrations are named after a Roman-British guy (not an Irishman), and we've never attended a St. Patty's Day event that had anything to do with religion (or saintly behavior)!

Parades, Pub Craws & House Parties For St. Patty's Day

This March 17th, why not make the most of this mid-week party day by checking out some of the St. Patrick's Day events in your 'hood? Even if there isn't an Irish pub within 3 counties, you can be sure that every roadhouse, restaurant and bar will be serving up their own brand of Irish fun!

St. Patty's day is also the perfect time to indulge in one of our signature Highbrowbacco e-juice flavors - choose from classics like our French Pipe and Cigar e-juice blends - they go great with green beer!

And on March 18th, remember the old Irish saying, ""A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures!"

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