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Peach Blossom Day is March 3rd!

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There is one somewhat tangible thing about the "sphere of a Peach Blossom" - the very thought of a Peach blossom might bring the memory of its essence back to mind in a way that you actually experience it. Suddenly, from memory, one is able to recall this magnificent state, as you draw in a light and soothing breath - its enjoyable fragrance; similar to when your mouth waters at the thought of some fresh and delicious fruit, like an orange for example.

The smell of a peach blossom could be thought of as ENJOYABLE as opposed to perpetually ALLURING or MYSTERIOUS since, after smelling this wonderful scent, you might decide that you want more. You have pulled back your nostrils from its petals and anthers; your hand then moves to reach out and grab the branch to take the peach blossom home with you. As your fingers touch the wooden texture of the tree branches, the back of your hand grazes quite a different sensation altogether, discovering instead, the very soft texture of what you know to be a juicy, delicious, and very edible fruit!

March 3rd

In the Untied States the beautiful and blooming peach tree is plentiful in the states of South Carolina and Georgia. Moving northward through the country is the domain of the renowned cherry blossoms of Washington D.C.. Peach Blossom tradition indicates that upon the day of the blossom, that the fruit of the tree is to be enjoyed in every way possible. Peach blossom martinis, peach blossom desserts, or perhaps a delicious Peach Blossom Vape.  Like the crisp and clean pleasure of the Peach Thybra, this ejuice is created naturally from the reduction of fresh peaches. Or perhaps you would like to remain more neighborly in your celebratory pursuits, and would opt for instead the juicy full-bodied flavor of the Black Cherry Dulcet. For those who enjoy Black Cherries in particular, the Amaretto Amore, a distinctive cherry/ almond flavor without tart, is also recommended.

What if it were possible to celebrate the beauty of flowers and the blooming season of spring by creating a city- landmark-sized shrine of flowers? Something large enough to place thousands of flowers inside. What if you owned a small building made completely of glass that was positioned in the middle of a bifurcated road? It could have a square cottage-style shingle roof, or even a sod roof of lushly green grass; and it would be filled completely with peach blossoms or with all assortments of beautiful flowers in colors like cherry red and tangerine. The flower shrine would look like an enormous vase of flowers for everyone that people would stop and look at from their cars and in the streets.   Happy day…

In Japan, Peach Blossom Day refers to the Japanese Doll Festival Momo no sekku, a very important event, which is a day of praying for a young girl's well-being and happiness. In Hunan China is the Peach Festival celebrating the annual blossom. The peach tree itself is native to China and South Asia. It is a deciduous tree which produces flowers in the early spring. Next come its leaves of green, and finally, the velvety pastel, juicy and magnificent peach fruit. What a dream!

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