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Sick of Winter? Get in Touch with Your Summer Side!

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Winter got you down? Now that the fun and festivities of December are over, it's back to the same old grind again (unless of course you're lucky enough to have a mid-winter tropical vacation booked)!

Yup, it's that dreaded time of year when the real holiday hangover sets in - credit card bills have arrived, and you might be sporting a few additional, unwanted pounds courtesy of all those irresistible holiday sweets and adult beverages! Even if you managed to make it to the New Year without any extra belly baggage by sticking to your workout routine, the usual January overcrowding at the gym makes it tough to get buff in peace (let alone actually score a parking spot at your favorite fitness facility)!

Sure, the days are starting to get a bit longer, but if you live anywhere North of the equator, you'll be spending more time in the dark than the daylight for a few more months. Cabin fever can strike even the heartiest among us; it's seriously tough to get excited about being stuck inside the house for days on end, and when you do step out to brave the elements, chances are good you're spending your hard-earned 'leisure' time chipping ice of the sidewalk, boosting dead car batteries or cleaning up the yard after yet another mid-winter storm.....

Battle Those Mid-Winter Blues With A Satisfying Vape!

It's weird how the shortest of all the seasons can feel like the longest - after all, on paper winter is the shortest of the four seasons! While we can't rush the arrival of spring (trust us, we've tried...) we can help you survive these long, cold and dark months by offering you the best e-juice on the market!

Here at Highbrow Vapor, we fight back against ole' man winter by indulging in the smoothest, most satisfying e-juices on the planet - ours!

Around here, we love to kick back and remember those long, lazy days of summer with a satisfying summer-inspired vape like our smooth, sweet and lemon-y Limoncello, our field-fresh Blueberry e-juice or our juicy Watermelon! These premium e-juices literally taste like summer - seriously!

So instead of stressing about when the next storm is going to arrive, why not tune out the weatherman (seriously, that guy is wrong most of the time anyhow....) and browse our awesome selection of premium-quality e-juices and vaping supplies. We're sure you'll find some great e-juices that you can use to fortify your winter survival vaping kit!

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