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It's National Hobby Month!

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We bet you didn't know that January was the National Hobby Month, or maybe you did know! If you have yet to start a hobby, there's never been a better time than right now to kick off the New Year and start a new vaping hobby. Can vaping be considered a hobby? Why, sure it can!

With so many available varieties of vaping juice available for vaping enthusiasts, you can start your very own collection of e-juice. Collect flavors for every month, every season, and every holiday - collect them all!

What's even better yet is that we offer you the opportunity to help us custom create e-juice flavors, making it a hobby that you can truly get involved in other than just building a collection. So this New Year, maybe you could add starting a new hobby to your list of resolutions.

A Little History about National Hobby Month

First off, just what defines a hobby? A hobby is just about anything that you enjoy doing or collecting. It is any activity that an enthusiast of the said activity takes place in merely for the fun of it, while relaxing and having a good time. It's something that you do at your leisure when you're not overrun from the day-to-day stresses of life.

Did you know that keeping a hobby is a great way to lift spirits and to get you motivated? It's also a great way to increase our inner creativity. So back to National Hobby Month; this annual celebration made its first debut back in 1955.

Interestingly enough, January was not the first pick for the celebration's month. It started off as an April celebration and then later in 1976, it became an October celebration, when finally, in 1987 it made its January debut.

Just how is Vaping Considered a Hobby - What defines a hobby per se

Because a hobby is anything that is considered to be enjoyable to the participant, vaping makes a great hobby to start for anyone with a love for vaping juice. With your newfound vaping hobby, not only can you build a collection of vaping accessories and e-juice, but you can also share and trade tips with other vaping enthusiasts as well.

If you're going to build a collection of e-juice, you'll want to make sure to include all of your favorite e-juices as well as what's hot and trending. Get your collection started for the New Year with some of our all-time favorites like our Dark Chocolate Mint e-juice and our Heavenly Macaroon e-juice.

And don't forget some of our newest flavors hot off the press like our 5-Star rated sweet and tangy Raspberry e-juice which would make a wonderful addition to your summer collection, or our decadent caramel flavored Caramel Cake e-juice just in-time and perfect for the month of January. These two flavors are our latest projects here at Highbrow Vapor and you've just got to give them a try if you have yet to do so.

Furthermore, if you're going to start a brand new collection of e-juices, then you just have to help us to create hot new custom flavors to add to your very own collection. Vaping is a great hobby to start; it's fun, it's unique, it's flavorful and last, but certainly not least -- it's relaxing.

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