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What Does 2015 Hold For You?

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Are you excited about 2015 yet? You may be already making plans for the new year ahead and rightfully so. Everyone is in the midst of formulating their New Year's resolutions. When it comes to making your New Year's resolutions, are you including vaping in the mix? If not, you could be missing out. You want to make sure that you fit your vape in to the brand new year's activities. Here are exciting ways that you could get your vape on throughout the year.

New Year's Day

At the start of the new year, put your bubbly aside for one second and try the sophisticated taste of Amaretto Amore. Vape with this e-juice to savor a bittersweet taste found in the very best amaretto liqueur. Sing Auld Lang Syne to the hint of a delicate almond and apricot flavor mingled with burnt sugar.

The Big Game

When it's time for the big game, grab some Highbrowbacco - Cigar e-juice and put it to the side as you root your team on. When your team wins, you can vape with your celebratory Highbrowbacco - Cigar flavor as you watch the trophy ceremony. No nachos needed.

Valentine's Day

When it's time for Valentine's Day - the day of love - you want a vape that says it all. Nothing does this better than the Tiramisu e-juice. After all, tiramisu means "pick me up" in Italian. Provide this e-juice to your beloved for a quick love pick me up with its hint of bitter chocolate, mascarpone, and espresso.

4th of July

When the dog days of summer roll around, indulge your taste for refreshment with a Watermelon vape. With its crisp, clean, and slightly sweet taste, the Watermelon e-juice will provide you with refreshing and smooth notes on a hot summer day. Additionally, you may choose to quench your thirst with a Strawberry Lemonade vape. With the fresh taste of strawberries and citrus notes, the Strawberry Lemonade vape will refresh your taste buds with its slightly sweet and tangy notes.

Autumn and Thanksgiving

When autumn arrives at your doorstep, savor the visual delights of colorful autumn leaves. A Caramel vape hearkens caramel apples in the fall as well as caramel candies from a trick-or-treat Halloween haul. So realistic is the flavor is this vape that you will think that you are actually indulging in the chewy goodness and brown sugar undertones of this autumn candy. For Thanksgiving, indulge in an Apricot vape. This e-juice will make you remember and anticipate warm apricot pie at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Holiday Season

With the holiday season, you have come full circle, with your planning. When holiday season 2015 rolls around again, toast the season with an Eggnog vape. This treat will provide you with a combo of cream, milk, and sugar, whipped cream, eggs - of course - and a touch of nutmeg. Follow your Eggnog vape with some Buttered Rum and-Then-Some vape. This vape is the perfect blend of vanilla bean, hazelnut, and buttered rum. Toast the holidays with these two delightful flavors.

If there's such a thing as a man for all seasons, then there is definitely, a vape for all seasons as well. The above tips will help you plan 2015 with your vape in mind. There are so many ways to incorporate it that you just have to use your imagination as a guide. Here's to a happy and prosperous 2015!

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