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Enjoying the Holidays with friends, family, and your favorite e-juice

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It is truly the most wonderful time of the year as you look around you and see your loved ones snuggled up in sweaters around the fireplace, houses are beginning to sparkle with twinkling lights, and your mouth is watering with the thought of a hot Thanksgiving dinner and leftover turkey sandwiches. Everywhere you go new fall and Christmas flavors of just about everything are popping up. Coffee creamer, candles, chocolate, muffins, and many other products are enjoying the new season by offering new and exciting flavors. Join in the fun and try out some new, season appropriate e-juice flavors.

Unique Flavors

At Highbrow Vapor, we know that the best vaping experiences are all in the flavor, which is why we offer such a vast variety and hand develop the perfect taste for each e-juice we offer. There are many flavors that are perfect for the season and will have you in the holiday spirit after the first puff. Enjoy the taste of egg nog, cinnamon, dark chocolate mint, clove, vanilla bean decadence, buttered rum and then some, and caramel. The warm, velvety flavors will provide just the taste you are craving this holiday.

Benefits of Vaping Over the Holidays

In addition to the delicious flavors, there are many other ways vaping over the holidays is beneficial to you and your family.

Escaping for a quick puff during Christmas shopping is not a hassle anymore. There's no need to wrestle your way through the crowd and spend 30 minutes trying to find your group once you're done. Simply whip out your e-cigarette between stores and enjoy a few puffs without all the headache.

On Christmas morning, when your family is unwrapping their gifts, you will no longer have to excuse yourself to head outside for a cigarette. No more standing on the front stoop in the dead of winter in your pajamas as every inch of your body freezes, instead, take a couple puffs sitting fireside.

It's no secret that the holidays are stressful for many of us. Between the in-laws coming to the house and judging every little choice you've made since the last holiday season, to fighting crowds of people to get an action figure that you're not even sure is the right one you're supposed to get, to putting together all the toys Christmas morning, the season is definitely demanding. As you're pretending not to notice your mother in-law cringe when she spots the one spot in the house that you forgot to dust, take one big puff on your e-cig and smile the charming smile that you've spent so much time practicing. Life is a little easier with an e-cigarette.

Don't be left out of the holiday cheer, grab your favorite seasonal flavors today and begin enjoying the time of year along with everyone else. You're unstoppable this holiday season with your e-cigarette in hand, and your friends and family will thank you for it as well.

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