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Ringing in the New Year with a Good Vape

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As the New Year beckons, it’s time to swap your old, tattered monthly calendar for a fresh, crisp and glossy one. This is a time for change; hopefully, for the better. But this is also a time when traditions, customs and quirky superstitions take center stage in the yearly festive preparations. On New Year’s Eve, old and new interact and blend to change the antiquated notion that New Years’ Eve is spent by the fireplace, at the warmth of a crackling fire. Nowadays, we greet the New Year with the fumes of a velvety vape, but we can still appreciate the intoxicating aromas of mulled wine and the richness of a party pud. Hence, e-juices with a festive touch are very popular this time of year.

Setting the Scene

The festivities may begin as soon you bring out your e-juice collection and get your vape on. Not only will your celebration be 100% smoke-free, but you’ll also be diffusing the most delightful fragrances into the room. Wash down the sweet taste of cinnamon and the pungency of a clover e-juice with a sip of sparkling wine, and your stage is set.

The Final Countdown

You may have run out of eggnog, but fear not. Your taste buds will not go without the sweet holiday treat for long because eggnog e-juice is here to tend to your vaping cravings. And of course, you could always titillate your palate by alternating between the eggnog and the orange de sangre e-juice. This sweet and sour blend is just what you need to relish in before you settle down to watch the countdown.

The Clock Strikes Midnight

As the Ball Drop in Times Square ushers in the New Year, you may be hoping for a kiss from your better half. If so, a menthol e-juice should do just the trick. Vanilla is also said to chase away the spirit of Christmas breath past, so don’t shy away from relying heavily on the enticing perfume of a vanilla e-juice. With hugs and kisses galore shared between friends and family, a toast is due. Because bubbly goes best with something sweet, treat your taste buds and best buds with the scrumptious scent of chocolate vapes. Its aroma will open up your appetite in a flash, and you’ll need all the help you can get to gobble down those tasty treats. But as much as you love the fragrance, don’t forget to open the back door to let the old year leave, and to welcome the New Year, as per tradition.


When you gaze and wonder at the fabulous spectacle of fireworks welcoming the New Year, you may want to keep winter’s cold clutches at bay. As soon as you start puffing away at the buttered rum and-then-some e-juice, you’ll feel it warm you up from within, just like your hopes for the New Year.

New Year Resolutions

Speaking of hopes, no doubt you’re working out your New Years’ resolutions list. If not giving into your culinary cravings this festive season ranks high among your resolutions, no doubt a tiramisu, heavenly macaroon, chocolate cake, or crème brûlée vape will see you through your greatest moments of temptation.

Gift Giving

Most importantly, the festive season is a time for sharing, so indulge into the many aromas of Highbrow vapor juices, but also share with your nearest and dearest, because these e-liquids are gifts worth giving.

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