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Five Cool Thanksgiving Traditions You Should Know About


Thanksgiving is filled with traditions - some (like dining on a turkey) are pretty conventional, while others (like dressing up the dogs) are a bit on the quirky side.  Isn't that what the holidays are supposed to be all about? After all, cool and unique Thanksgiving traditions are what people really remember, long after the last piece of pie is gone.

Here are five cool Thanksgiving traditions you need to know about:

Dress Up The Dogs

In some circles, the four-legged family members spend their Thanksgiving Day decked out in seasonal costumes, making for some awesome memories! Pumpkins, turkeys, Indian corn have all been favorites. Everyone else will be putting photos of giant roast turkeys on their social media profiles - why not post a pick of your pug in a pilgrim outfit instead?

Turning Vegetables Into Sugary Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is the one day each year when cooks do there best to transform perfectly healthy, nutritionally-packed vegetables into fat-packed, sugar-laded side dishes. We're talking green bean salad, bacon-brown sugar Brussels sprouts (seriously, this is for real) and marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole!

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Hitting The Local Water Holes With Your High School Buddies

Thanksgiving Eve is the single biggest day for bar sales across the U.S.! It's bigger than New Year's Eve (which is more of a house-party kinda night) or even St. Paddy's Day (when the only bars that are packed are the Irish ones)!

Maybe it's because everyone returns to their hometowns and wants to catch up with their pals before they stuff themselves silly, or maybe it's the thought of spending the next day with the relatives that turns people to the drink! Just remember to pack along an e-cigarette and e-juice for your Thanksgiving eve outing to compliment your pre-Thanksgiving bevvies!

Write A Seasonal Poem, Rap or Tune

We all know that Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, and many families practice the (painful) tradition of going around the dinner table to hear what each person is thankful for this holiday season. If you're one of the lucky ones who is forced to proclaim what you're thankful for before noshing this Thanksgiving, why not turn your thanks into a poem, song or rap?

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The Post-Meal Bonfire

If your family always fights over who has to do the Thanksgiving Day dishes, here's a tradition you need to start right now - serve dinner on paper plates (we suggest splurging for those extra-thick, fancy ones) and when the meal is over, head out to the fire pit and burn your dishes! No more family fights over who has to scrape nasty leftovers off of Grandma's fine china, and while you're sitting around the clean-up bonfire, you can enjoy a satisfying, full-bodied post-dinner vape! It's a win-win Thanksgiving tradition!

So there you have it - 5 cool Thanksgiving traditions that can transform this holiday into the best one yet!

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