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November Vapes

e cig juice vaping

November is a month that sees most of us enjoying Thanksgiving turkey, college and professional football, shopping for the upcoming Christmas season and the amazing changing of the seasons in the north. Of course enjoying your occasional e-juice during any of these activities will only raise your enjoyment of them.

Take it Outside

Traditionally, during sporting events at your house or others, there is almost always one person in the crowd (or two or three) that need to take a break from the action to light up a cigarette. As the popularity of smoking cigarettes has waned over the decades, these poor fellows can often be seen on Sunday afternoons standing on porches and peering in through windows to make sure they do not miss the all important touchdown play.

With so many homes becoming cigarette smoke-free, there is no wonder that many smokers have transitioned to vaping. Imagine being able to never miss a play again during those critical moments late in the game. Can you count how many of these moments you have missed in your life from having to smoke outside? With the pleasant aroma of fruits, desserts and drinks flavors wasting through the air, your buddies may just start asking you for some e-juice too.

The In-Laws

It is Thanksgiving Day, and you have the dreaded pleasure of visiting your in-laws for the American classic family tradition. Of course you love your in-laws, but because they do not smoke, traditionally you have always spent some of your time outside in the cold weather taking a smoke break and missing the pumpkin pie.

Of course this year, with your vaping habit well in hand, you can have first crack at the pie selection and a witty comeback for every family member that asks about your dirty habit. Even if you have never smoked a cigarette your life but love vaping, you can now boast about the amazing flavors provided by the e-juice. Maybe you will even make a convert out of one or two of them.

Holiday Shopping


If you were previously a smoker of cigarettes, you would never dare to ask for cigarettes as a gift even though you sure wanted to. November is a great time to get your Christmas shopping out of the way early, avoid all of the crowds and allow time for the delivery of your special gifts. Yet now you can benefit two ways from being a vaper. First you can now ask for all your favorite flavors from your favorite e-juice vendor and they will fit perfectly in your stocking. Secondly you can purchase a Mod and e-juice for that special someone that still may be smoking cigarettes as a great way to transition them into a less offensive habit.

With hundreds of flavors ranging from traditional tobacco flavors, exotic fruits, amazing desserts, brilliant cocktails and many others that can excite your taste buds, vaping has become a trend that many can enjoy. Whether you were a smoker of cigarettes, like hookahs or have never tried either, the simple pleasure of vaping provides the best of both worlds. 


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