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Why Give E-cigs for Christmas


With the holidays rapidly approaching, now is the time to start shopping for gifts for the people that are lucky enough to be on your Christmas list. If you'e struggling with deciding what to get certain people on your list, like your boss or your best friend, then you might want to consider getting them e-cigs. Here are two good reasons e-cigs and e-juice make the perfect gift for your boss, best friend, and many others on your Christmas list.

E-cigarettes & how they can prevent holiday weight gain

According to data collected from the National Council of Health & Fitness, Americans gain as much 7 pounds during the holiday season each year. With all the Christmas parties filled with rich and delicious foods, and huge Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables complete with all your high-calorie favorites, there is no wonder that these holiday meals can cause weight to creep up.

So if the dessert table is calling your name, then a great way to tame your sweet tooth (or the sweet tooth of your boss or best friend) is to bypass the dessert table and enjoy a tasty e-cigarette instead. With delicious flavors like Caramel, Cheesecake Torte, and Heavenly Macaroon, which taste strangely similar to the real thing, your boss or your best friend will enjoy the e-juice flavor so much that they will forget all about the dessert table. This is a great no-calorie way to enjoy a holiday dessert.

Minimize holiday stress

Although the holiday season is supposed to be "the jolly time of year" for everyone, unfortunately, it isn't as jolly as it should be for everyone. In fact, some people feel one or more of many negative emotions, such as sadness, anger and extreme stress. So, why do some people fail to get into the holiday spirit? Well, there could be many different reasons. Some people may have lost loved ones who are no longer around to spend the holidays with them. Others are simply stressed from spending too much money on Christmas shopping while trying to juggle work, family and attending holiday parties.

Fortunately, e-cigarettes with an enjoyable e-juice flavor can be the perfect way to de-stress at the end of a long day. All your boss, best friend, or whoever else you decide to give the gift of e-cigarettes to has to do is choose their favorite e-juice flavor, put on their favorite pair of comfy pajamas and relax in their recliner, while enjoying their e-cig. Their stress will be gone in no time.

So instead of stressing as you attempt to figure out the best Christmas presents for those that mean the most to you, you should definitely consider giving them e-cigarettes. One thing that you need to make sure of, however, is that you purchase them a variety of e-juice flavors so they can sample as many as possible. You also don't want to forget your own awesome e-juice flavors, because chances are you will need some de-stressing and a no-calorie alternative to the dessert table, as well.

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