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Best Storage Ideas for Your E-Juice

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To keep your favorite e-Juice as fresh as the first day you get it, you must know how to properly store it to preserve shelf life and flavor. There are several ideal ways to store your e-juice.

Get out of the sun

The main technique to store your e-juice is to store it out of the sunlight, preferably in a dark location, such as a cabinet that is not opened all throughout the day. The reason is that sunlight appears to have a negative effect on the life span of e-juice, causing e-juice that is stored in a sunny location to deteriorate more quickly. When selecting the proper dark location to store your e-juice, make sure it is in a cool, dry location.

In the fridge or not

While some sources say to store your e-juice in the frig because it is cool, it is certainly not dry. Keep in mind that your frig contains moisture. You have likely seen beads of condensation around the door or inside your frig occasionally. The same thing can happen to your e-juice, which can ruin the flavor. There are threads in some forums where users followed tips to store their e-juice in the frig and ended up having to throw it all away because all the flavors faded.

Keep out of the medicine cabinet

Do not store your e-juice in the medicine cabinet or anywhere else in the bathroom. When taking a shower or hot bath, the bathroom is humid. Even when you have the bathroom vent on, you are still subjecting your e-juice to the humidity of the damp environment of the bathroom.

Type of case to store your e-juice

Consider a case or caddy specifically manufactured to store e-juice. Since it lasts longer in a cool, dry place, you will want to consider that even though a completely closed case may be a little more expensive, it has the potential to better preserve the shelf life and flavors. Some users use a tackle box, which is perfectly fine since it does provide the dark, dry environment that your juices need to be properly preserved. Make sure the tackle box is the kind that is made of a darker material or metal, and not the cheap, clear plastic kind, which has the potential to let sunlight through.

Diabetic case on the go

If you travel for work or leisure or just like to take a break when running errands or on your lunch break, consider a case made to hold diabetic supplies. It has the elastic straps meant to hold insulin or syringes that are ideal to hold your e-juice bottles. Most have Velcro loops, which can hold items to the case. An included pouch keeps extra bottles and supplies dry and safe in the closed diabetic supplies case. Made of a very convenient size, these cases easily go along everywhere with you. They are available at the pharmacy department of most big-box stores.

Proper storage of e-juice is imperative to maintaining flavor and preserving shelf life. As long as you store it in a cool, dry location away from sunlight and moisture, you will enjoy flavors as intense as the day you bought them.

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