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Looking for something different to put in your e-cig vaporizer?  We are experimenting with a wide variety of flavors we plan to put in our online store soon....and we'd love to hear what you think!   We are still in the experimental process regarding these new flavors so now is your chance to give us your input!  Take a moment to check out the following flavors and give us valuable input on them as we proceed. We love to hear from customers and it can help us make important decisions as to how to create future flavors as well. Here are the flavors we are currently working on: 


Our Highbrowbacco variants are all about creative experimentation, and you just never know what we'll come up with next!  And, as always, each flavor can be customized to your personal preference!


Remember the old candy stores of your youth? Recapture the taste of black liquorice with this newly added flavor. You can taste the candy as you inhale with your vape and remember the candy taste in your mouth.  Black liquorice is a nice flavor to experiment with any time and it takes you back to the days of your childhood when candy was only a dime.


Enjoy a little lime now and then? Take in the fruity taste of lime with one of our lime variants. Its refreshing scent and taste with refresh you through your day, any time you need a break from work or want to breathe in the smell of fresh fruit. Lime is a refreshing scent and exhilarates the senses. Enjoy it anytime with one of our lime variant flavors for your e-cigs. 


Who doesn't like bananas? We are experimenting with a banana taste for those who love bananas! It smells and tastes good enough to eat, but don't!  Inhale it instead with your e-cigarettes and enjoy the difference you taste with our unique gourmet flavors.


Another new fragrance you'll be able to experience soon is Boysenberry. It's fruity smell and taste as you inhale will remind you of fields of berries on a warm summer day. The fruity boysenberry scent with refresh you and you'll have the satisfaction in knowing that you are not infringing on the air of those around you too!

These are five of our new flavors of e-juice we are currently experimenting with. Our new flavors are works in progress and we want to hear from you.  Let us know if you like these ideas for flavors and tell us what your favorite fragrances and tastes are. We will use this information for future product releases and we enjoy hearing comments from our customers. So feel free to give us a shout out and let us know what you think!

For more information, or to comment on these new flavors, or if you have other flavor ideas for the future of e-cigs, contact us. 

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